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Vampire Vape has a range of more than 300 of the best e-cigarette kits from top brands, including Aspire, Geek Vape, Innokin, Smok, Vaporesso, and VooPoo, chosen for their quality and performance, ensuring the best vaping experience using Vampire Vape e-liquids. Our selection of e-cigarette kits ranges from simple to use AIO (All-in-one) vape kits recommended for new vapers to advanced mod vapes for more experienced vapersWhatever your preference, or budget we have the right e-cigarette kit for you.

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Vape Starter Kits & E-cigarettes For New Vapers

We have a range of popular starter e-cigarette kits including pen-style vape kits or pod vape kits that are safe and simple to use, to help you stop smoking. Packed with features designed to make the switch to vaping less painful without sacrificing the performance or user experience, e-cigarette starter kits from Vampire Vapes are a perfect choice. What could be simpler and more satisfying to use than a draw-activated device with pre-filled disposable pods filled with your favourite Vampire Vape e-liquids like the GeekBar and the Lef Bar disposable vapes or the Dot Pro vape kit?

Intermediate Vape Kits

Have you been vaping for a while? Maybe you want to step up to an e-cigarette kit that offers you a bit more control? Our carefully chosen Intermediate vape kits give you more control over your vaping experience while remaining easier to operate, with features like auto coil detection, and easy-fill pods. Discover the click-n-go pod devices like the Vinci POD kits from VooPoo or the latest Pod/Mod device like the Aegis Boost kit from GeekVape, and the agile OBS Cube with its powerful 80W performance.

Advanced Vape Kits

Designed for experienced vapers, our selection of advanced vape kits and e-cigs is an impressive line-up of some of the biggest brands in the industry. Vape kits like the Drag Max from VooPoo, the Arcfox Kit from Smok or the Solo 100W TC kit from GeekVape offer the user a vast range of settings combined with unprecedented levels of safety and performance. After all, when you vape Vampire Vape premium e-liquids, only the best vape kits will do them justice. At the top of the list are the sub-Ohm kits which are much more advanced in terms of vape settings and are capable of producing large clouds of vapour.

Maintaining and cleaning your e-cig device is essential so to keep it in prime condition, we also offer guidance on upgrading your e-cig kit. Check out our blog for all up-to-date advice, and for ensuring you get the most from your e-cig kit.

E-cigarette Bundles

We stock a fully comprehensive list of e-cig and vaping products, many are available as part of bundle deals. These deals encompass everything you need to get you started or set up with your new e-cig kit. Bundles available will typically have e-liquid, NicIt Up if suitable to the device and may even feature spare pods and coils.

E-cigarette Guidance

Our E-cigarette and vape kits come with detailed descriptions, outlining the properties and features and we clearly indicate the best type of e-liquid suitable for each e-cig device. The following table details the features found across the three main levels of entry to our e-cig kits:

Starter Vape Kits

  • Smaller internal batteries up to 1500mAh (max.)
  • Variable coils, which are compatible with standard 10ml e-liquid and nic salts.
  • 1ml-2ml e-liquid capacity.
  • Button click & draw-activated devices.
  • Pods that don’t require coil changes.
  • Small and discreet e-cigarette pens and pods.

Intermediate Vaping Devices

  • Increased battery sizes i.e. 3000mAh capacity.
  • A range of coils that support standard 10ml e-liquid & high VG e-liquid.
  • Adjustable settings for airflow and power output.
  • MTL and DTL vaping styles.
  • A wider range of styles including pods, pens or box kits.
  • A Fire button and/or draw-activated options. 
  • Advanced chipset with user aids like auto coil detection.
  • Additional safety features: low voltage, overheat, over-discharge etc.

Advanced Vaping Devices

  • Larger battery capacity or removable batteries.
  • Variable wattage, voltage and temperature control settings.
  • A wider range of tanks and coils for use with a range of e-liquids including high VG.
  • Highly adjustable airflow for different vaping styles.
  • OLED screen for user information.
  • Advanced features: puff monitoring, coil recognition, accidental fire protection, adjustable wattage, overcharge protection.
  • A.I Technology & advanced chipsets.
  • Advanced DTL vaping preferences with increased coil options.

Please note that these features are a generalisation of what each e-cig kit may possess, or is likely to feature. Some e-cig kits won’t feature everything listed, while others may include more features. Advanced kits with extensive customisable settings are designed for advanced vapers who have an understanding of resistance, wattage and voltage settings.

E-Cigarette FAQ's

What's the difference between a vape and an e-cigarette?

'E-cigarette' is the original term given to vapes because they were classed as electronic cigarettes and were cylindrical, similar to the cigarettes they replaced. The term vape is a more recently adopted term, derived from vaping, and is now more commonly used, mainly because vape kits have continued to evolve in appearance.

What is an AIO vape kit?

The term AIO means All-In-One, used to describe a vape that includes the battery body and tank in one simple device, as opposed to a kit that consisted of a separate tank and base unit, or mod. Most modern vape kits are by design AIO vape kits which is why the term isn't used so often.

What is a vape mod?

A vape mod is the base unit that contains the battery and controller. Sometimes called a 'box mod', these devices allow the user to customise their vaping experience by using different vape tanks and making adjustments to the various power and wattage settings. Vape mods are often referred to as advanced vapes.

What is a pod kit?

A pod kit is a device that includes a pod instead of a classic tank. A pod is generally made of food-grade plastic and can either be a sealed, pre-filled unit or can be refilled using your favourite e-liquid. Unlike traditional tanks that screw onto the device, pods use magnetic connections and are easier to remove and replace. Most pods use push-fit coils making it easier to change them.

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