Heisenberg E-Liquid

The daddy of all day vapes

Heisenberg is a world-wide famed e-liquid flavour that was first created and developed by Vampire Vape in 2014 for VapeFest.

At first, it was limited edition, but it soon became apparent that the market wanted it forever and has since become one of our most famous flavours that remains in popular demand to this day.

Since its first introduction into the market, Heisenberg has been transformed and developed in other ranges which extends to High VG, Vlads VG, KonceptXIX, Concentrates and Nic Salts.

This critically acclaimed flavour has been celebrated and presented with FIVE awards that celebrate its deliciously unique flavour.

These prestigious awards have been annual additions, with this flavour still out-winning new e-liquid entering the market. Heisenberg’s reputation and unfailing flavours remain a firm favourite for both beginner and veteran vapers.

Best Mint/Menthol Liquid
Vapouround Awards 2016
Vapouround Awards 2017
Vapouround Awards 2018
Best High PG Juice
Vapouround Awards 2017
Best Mint/Menthol
VapExpo Awards 2017
Best Mint Flavour
VapExpo Espana 2019

It’s with that that Vampire Vape continues to develop products, extending ranges to make Heisenberg more accessible, with ranges that include:

This superior flavour features a secret recipe, that very few people have the privilege of knowing. All we can say is that Heisenberg is a divine mixed fruits flavour with an enticing aniseed and menthol undertone that beautifully entwines with the mixture, heightening the fruit flavours and hitting the palate hard with its fresh fruit flavours.

The rein of Heisenberg continues with this e-liquid nectar continuing to outstand the vaping community with it’s bold and boisterous flavours that storm the palate, refreshing each taste bud with its succulent flavours.

The development of Heisenberg has been an avid one, with Vampire Vape understanding the importance of delivering e-liquid to the masses, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to have a customised vaping experience.