Everything You Need to Know Before Upgrading Your E-Cigarette

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Everything You Need to Know Before Upgrading Your E-Cigarette

Upgrading an e-cigarette is common practice as vapers get more experience and want to have a more powerful and flavoursome vape with bigger cloud production. Others upgrade to customise their vape with devices that feature detachable tanks and adjustable wattage, voltage and temperature control.

We always recommend upgrading your device steadily rather than switching to larger more technical devices. For those who are new to vaping its recommended that you gain an understanding of e-cigarettes by learning the terms, what different devices do and how this will affect your vaping experience before upgrading your device.

This is especially true for users who want to advance to devices that have adjustable features and rebuildable coils.

Why Upgrade?

Most vapers do eventually change devices either to replace or to upgrade devices for a more satisfying vaping experience, ones that can be customised to each individual person.

Plus, devices don’t last forever; they will need replacing which is an excellent opportunity to upgrade or try different models to the previously owned device.

Leading e-cigarette manufacturers are constantly developing new products with high-performance batteries, more intelligent chipsets and even AI technology.

Upgrading is an opportunity to try a newer device with more sophisticated features and power output.

How do you Know when to Upgrade?

Upgrading comes down to personal preference and how you want to transform your vaping experience.

It could be that your device isn’t performing as well or that is damaged or broken, in which you’re using this as an opportunity to buy a more advanced kit.

Alternatively, you might be finding that your kit isn’t giving you enough variation. You might be looking for something that allows you to adjust settings and customise your vape.

Upgrading isn’t something that has to be done, but it’s something that you might consider doing if you’re looking to find a satisfying vape if you haven’t already done so.


The device you try does depend on preference, whether that being increased power, device shape or customisable features.

E-cigarette companies continue to develop different styles of devices with new and improved technologies. Pods, pens, mods, mech mods etc. are readily available on the market each offering a varied type of vaping experience.

Our range is sectioned into beginner, intermediate and advanced kits – by identifying the type of vaper you are, you can begin to explore the types of devices and the properties of the specific device.

From there gradually upgrading or even replacing a device will be an easy feat that allows you to choose a device which helps you to find that ‘sweet spot.’

Safety Notice

Before upgrading its essential that you understand:

  • How to use the device.
  • Maintenance required.
  • Battery safety.
  • Ohms Law (required for more advanced mods).
  • The suitable PG/VG e-liquid ratios.

In doing this, you’ll be able to progress safely and use more advanced kits to their full potential.


The device dictates the type of e-liquid. Small devices such as pods and pens are more suitable with 50PG/50VG or 60PG/40VG e-liquid usually found in 10ml bottles with varying nicotine strengths.

Whereas advanced mods and mech mods usually feature detachable tanks that use coils with larger holes that are more suitable for higher VG e-liquid such as 70VG/30PG or 80VG/20PG which typically come in 50ml shortfill bottles.

Using the right e-liquid is essential to the device, high VG in smaller devices will cause the coil to burn out quicker due to the thickness of the e-liquid. Whilst high PG e-liquid in larger devices will cause leakages.

Upgrading your Device

Upgrading your device will allow you to try new e-liquid flavours, have a more satisfying vaping experience and depending on the type chosen, even allow you to customise your vape.

We always recommend that you gradually upgrade and that you research the device before buying it. This way you can find a device that suits your vaping style.

What’s the best device you’ve ever used?

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