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Geek Bar is probably the best known disposable vape brand. The high-quality great-tasting range of disposable vapes from Geekbar offers the perfect gateway to vaping with their no-fuss simple designs. The standard Geekbar produces about 550 puffs and is available in 20 flavours with 20Mg nic salt.

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Geek Bar - Best Choice For Flavour

With a range of more than 20 different delicious e-liquid flavours and a selection of devices offering between 400 puffs and 500+ puffs, the Geek Bar range of disposable vapes provides a level of flavour and performance usually only found in larger, more expensive vape kits.
Geek Bars are now available with your favourite flavours from Vampire Vape.

Best Performance

With a range of styles and sizes, the Geek Bar disposable vape range is the perfect choice for a range of different vapers. The Standard Geek Bar is available in a choice of ten classic flavours and ten new flavours, including fruit, ice, menthol, and tobacco. With a 2Ml capacity of nic salt e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 20mg and a 500mAh internal battery, the standard Geek Bar is capable of approximately 575 puffs before you dispose of it.

How do you use a Geek Bar?

Using a Geekbar is simple. Just remove it from its packaging and take a puff. Being inhale activated, they don't require a fire button, making them simple to use. There are no tanks to fill as they a pre-filled with flavoured nic salt e-liquid, and you don't have to charge them making them perfect when you want to switch to vaping.

How long does a Geek Bar last?

The standard Geek Bar will give you approximately 500-550 puffs and will last most people about two days. Each disposable vape is roughly the equivalent of 30-40 cigarettes, depending on how you vape. The battery and coil are designed to last up to the last drop of e-liquid, so you never miss a drop of that delicious flavour.

How do I know when my Geek Bar has finished?

When you take a puff and don't get any vape, it's an indication that your e-liquid has run out, or the battery is flat. There is also a power indicator that lights up each time you take a puff, if the is no light, your vape battery is dead and it's time to throw it away.

What happens when my Geek Bar runs out of e-liquid?

When you run out of e-liquid, the Geekbar will not fire, this is to avoid getting a dry-hit and a nasty taste in your mouth. Unlike regular vape kits, which can produce a dry-hit when you run low on e-liquid.

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