As Freddy Mercury once said, “we are the champions”. Yes, this blog post is dedicated to the flavours that take the crown and are unmatched anywhere else. Our award-winning e-liquids have been voted by fans across the world for their fresh hits and iconic aftertastes. It’s no secret (unlike our ingredients) that these e-liquids are the best of the best blends.

Each flavour has rightfully earnt its award-winning status after picking up numerous awards throughout the years, and indefinitely years to come. If you haven’t tried the famous flavours of these legendary e-liquids, then what are you waiting for? Why not grab all 4 for just £12 in a 10ml bundle?


Black Ice

Sweet Lemon Pie

Smooth Western V2

Not only have we been rewarded for our delicious e-liquids, but some of our taster packs, shortz and concentrates have also seen the top of the podium.

Taster Pack Fruity

Taster Pack Menthol

Watermelon Mojito Shortz

Black Ice Concentrate

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