Are e-cigarettes under threat of being banned in the UK (again)? The short answer is, no.  

A lot of articles sprung up over the weekend alluding to a report by the World Health Organisation that recommended to governments to ban the sale of any e-cigarette that had an open vape system – ie, any e-cigarette that you could add your own e-liquid to. The theory behind this is that you could be adding any kind of dangerous ingredients to your e-cigarette and subsequently inhaling them.  

This will be depressing news to anyone who enjoys the wide range of flavours and mixes that can be added to the pod of your favourite e-cigarette. This would limit sale to only pre-filled pods, systems like the Dot Pro, where only manufacturers would be able to access the e-liquid inside.  

However, this does not seem to be based on any new information from WHO. The next Conference of Parties for the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC COP9) will be in The Hague later on this year, where governmental bodies will be discussing all things e-cigarette and tobacco related. The IBVTA has already been involved in this dialogue to ensure that all the incredible steps forward that the UK has taken are seen in a genuine and positive light.  

Public Health England have stated that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, and the NHS recommends vaping as an aid to quit smoking. In the UK we continue to be a world leader in harm reduction through vaping, with PHE recently publishing an evidence review carried out by researchers at King’s College London stating that vaping products work better than nicotine replacement therapy when quitting smoking. 

The IBVTA (Independent British Vape Trade Association) is equally non-plussed at these articles, and have put out a statement fully dismissing the idea that the UK is in any danger of banning vaping products. 

While we can only speculate as to why misleading articles have circulated regarding a potential ban on vaping products, we think it highly unlikely that the UK will change its current stance on vaping.