Christmas time, mistletoe and e-liquid! That’s right, Christmas is fast upon us, it only seems like two minutes ago we were welcoming the year 2019!

They do say time flies when you’re having fun, but of course, the fun hasn’t halted because the most magical time of the year is fast approaching and the tradition or in some cases expectation; is the giving of presents!

Finding the perfect gift for your friend, family or partner can be a difficult task, which is why we’ve put together a few present ideas that will wow your fellow vapers!

Taster Packs

Delight your friends and family with an adult “stocking filler” taster pack featuring up to six unique and very different flavours.

Our taster packs are a brilliant way to introduce new flavours to a vaper. It’s great to change up the juice and avoid the dreaded vaper’s tongue!

With our epic range you can get anything from:

Our unique selections make for a perfect gift that will bring plenty of flavour to the festive season. Get yours today from as little as £12.00.

Quick Picks

Keep fellow vapers fuelled up with their favourite juice this Christmas, with our vast selection of e-liquid bundles.

With the Quick Picks range, you can buy four 10ml bottles in one go at just £12.00, and with our free shipping, you can have the juice delivered with ease!

Our Quick Picks feature our top-selling, most popular juices as chosen by you. This straightforward selection comes in standard 10ml, High VG and Nic Salt bottles.

It’s a great way to treat your loved ones to their cherished flavours.

DIY Concentrates

Get creative and give your fellow vapers a DIY gift. We’ve got a huge selection of Flavour Concentrates as featured in our five 30ml bottles for just £40. This is an ideal treat for vapers already attuned with premixing their own juice.

Currently, we have a massive selection of 71 flavours, each varying in fruit, menthol, tobacco, sweet, dessert and beverage. Among our extensive range are two limited-edition flavours, Key Slime Pie and Toffee Apple!

Wow, your friends with new flavours and give them something new to experiment with over the Christmas period.

Get DIY Kitted Out

An alternative gift would be our specially created DIY Kit that comes with all the fittings to kickstart the process. With all the necessities, including four Flavour Concentrates, you can start to mix your own e-liquid to your preferences.

This cost-saving method is sure to give new mixers the chance to take steps to become their own mixologist.

Our exclusive kit features everything from accessories to the core ingredients of e-liquid, now with a massive £30 discount, costing only £55!

Start Right!

Besides e-liquid (a top-notch option by all accounts), you could gift your loved ones a brand-new pod or pen from our excellent Starter Kit range.

We stock an extensive range of kits from leading brands, including Aspire, Smok, Innokin, ASVape and Vaporesso, to name a few. Our brilliant selection comes with varying designs, capabilities and colours.

From streamlined pen devices, such as the Innokin T18 II Mini or Vaporesso Orca that offer a simplistic vape to square pods such as the classic VooPoo Drag Nano, Smok Nord, ASVape Micro or the Innokin Gala that fit in the palm of your hand and come with very little maintenance. We’ve got a design that suits each individual, whether starting new, replacing old or upgrading to the latest model!

Upgrade for Christmas

Surprise your fellow vaper or even treat yourself to the latest upgrade. We’re constantly stocking the latest and most profound kits that feature new technology, safety features and quite often patented designs that give a refined vaping experience.

With our extensive range you can upgrade your device to any number of Kits, Mods or Tanks from leading brands, VooPoo, GeekVape, Innokin, Smok and Aspire, to name a few.

From kits like the GeekVape Frenzy Pod, the notable Smok RPM40 and Innokin Adept Kit to the Freemax Gemm Disposable Tank or even the GeekVape Solo Mod or Rincoe Manto S Mod. We’ve got huge selections across the board that offer tailored and customised vaping experience with increased flavour and vapour production.  

Everyday We’re Bundling…

At Vampire Vape we’re very fond of bundling the very best kits with the very best e-liquid. Our Bundles feature e-liquid that suit the device, ensuring you have the essentials to use the kit immediately.

Our bundles are designed for beginner, intermediate and veteran vapers, ensuring we have products to suit all vapers. With this, you can upgrade or set your loved one up with a brand-new kit and juice to match.

These bundles feature the likes of the VooPoo Vinci Kit with a Nic Salt bottle and coils, the Smok Trinity Alpha Pod with two Nic Salts, the AsVape Micro Pod with replacement coils and four bottles of e-liquid and Aspire REAX Mini with one Shortz and NicIt Up bottle, to name a few.

Bundle up and get your fellow vaper the ultimate treat for Christmas morning!

Christmas is Coming…

The festive season is fast upon us and let’s face it, who doesn’t love waking up on a chilly Christmas morning, sitting around the tree and unravelling brightly coloured presents? TeamVV certainly does, but getting the right gift is not always easy.

However, whether you’re helping another kick it in the butt or treating them to their favourite Vampire Vape juice, you can always find a savvy deal on our website.

What will you be buying this Christmas?