The vaping industry is booming with a wide range of brands constantly introducing new and improved e-cigarette kits, mods and pods into the market.

Vape kits come in all kind of styles and sizes. For beginner vapers, we always recommend starter kits which are listed under New to Vaping. Starter kits are ideal as they come prebuilt, with an internal battery, the bottom half of the kit and a clearomiser, the top half where the coil and e-liquid go as well as a charger, spare coil or pod.

Prebuilt kits require very little maintenance, they’re easy to use and are perfect for a novice vaper. Our New to Vaping page has an extensive list of products, each one suitable for new vapers, it simply comes down to style preference.  

Pen Style Kits

Pen-styled kits are the ‘original’ model for starter kits and boast a circular tube shape with a fitted clearomiser. They are lightweight, portable kits that can be easily stored away.

These devices are ideal for both beginner and intermediate vapers with some pens coming with larger batteries and adjustable settings. We always recommend that you check the specifications of a device before purchasing, certain devices may not be suitable for beginner vapers.

A typical device is filled with e-liquid by unscrewing the top cap and inserting the e-liquid nozzle into the clearomiser.

They also come with straightforward coil removal, which require the user to unscrew the coil from the centre of the clearomiser.

Please note that all coils must be changed at some point to maintain e-liquid flavour and the performance of the device.

Why not try the new Innokin JemPen Kit

Pod Style Kits

Pods are a relatively new e-cigarette design that feature a variety of design, capabilities and power that suits both beginner and intermediate vapers.

These kitshave an internal battery and come with removable pods. Some disposable others with replaceable coils. Having more than one pod is handy as it allows you to switch e-liquid flavours throughout the day.

The Smok Novo 2 and Innokin Gala are classic examples which do not require coil changes, making these devices easier for users by simply replacing the removable pod. Newer pods typically feature coils such as the Aspire Breeze 2, Smok Nord and GeekVape Frenzy etc. Pods can be more expensive than just replacing the coil; however, it offers convenience and reassurance.

Advanced Kits

Our more advanced kits, typically mods are bigger in size, have more customisable features which often include customisable wattage, voltage and temperature control features. These devices come with larger batteries that can be both internal and external. Which is dependent on the design and build of the device. 

The advance kits utilise the newest technology for a better vaping experience, this even extends to AI technology.

AI or artificial intelligent devices refer to those that work with voice control, allowing the user to adjust more advanced features like wattage and temperature control with ease. These devices often come with futuristic designs and feature the newest technologies for a better and more customised vaping experience. If you think this might be the right choice for you why not try the Asvape Micro Pod Kit?

Please note that advanced mods should only be used by those who understand ohms law and the mechanisms of more technical kits.