Mods are an advanced battery housed in a vaping device, which fuels the vape and features an intelligent chipset...

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...making Mods give more of a customisable vaping experience.

We have a range of vaping mods available from leading manufacturers, with features suitable for the advanced vaper, and basic button driven vape mod kits for the beginner.

Depending on the make and model, Mods may include:

Variable Wattage & Voltage The adjustable settings determine the type of vape, whether that being the flavour or cloud production.
Temperature Control TC mods offer a constant heat, rather than a rising one when vaping, which reduces dry and burnt hits.
OLED Display Screen Mods with variable settings will typically include a screen that displays all the chosen settings as well as extras such as puff monitoring.
More advanced mod devices may come with touchscreens, AI technology, fingerprint recognition, password protection etc.
Internal or External Batteries (Dependant on the device) Different Mod devices and models will be powered differently. Some will come with internal batteries that can range in power and output while others will feature external batteries, typically 18650. This primarily comes down to Mod preference & how it is powered.
Wireless or USB Charging Again, this is subject to the device and the technologies it possesses. Currently, USB charging is a favoured method, however, more futuristic designs do include wireless charging. It’s worth noting that devices with external batteries may require these to be recharged in an external charger rather than a USB port.
Safety Features Due to the large power output of Mods, most manufacturers do include multiple safety features, which can include Short Circuit, Over Discharge, Overheat and Reverse Battery Protections, as well as a cut-off point.
Device Protections Alongside the safety features, most Mods come with Shockproof, Dustproof and Waterproof builds that protect against water, dust and drops from a height, which could internally damage the Mod.
510 Connector This has become a universal connector that most Mods are fitted with. This enables you to have any tank of your choice, allowing you to essentially customise your e-cigarette device.

Mods offer a more tailored vape that heightens flavour or extends cloud production, giving a more satisfying sensation.

Mod devices have increased power in comparison to the beginner and intermediate e-cig kits, a knowledge of Ohms law will help you understand the resistance vs the wattage metrics. More sophisticated devices will do this for you, by automatically adjusting voltage or temperature depending on the wattage setting, so to give the optimal vape.

Vape Mod Range

In a bid to meet your demands, Vampire Vape are continually researching market trends to give you the latest mod devices that offer a more tailored vaping experience, whilst retaining old classics that remain popular, such as the VooPoo Drag 2!

We host a range of devices from reputable suppliers, including Smoant, Smok and Aspire, among many others, that cater to varying budgets and personal style. On each page you will find more information that will help you source a device that suits your needs, preferences and budget.

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