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Latest sub-Ohm Direct-to-Lung vape kits

Discover our range of the best and latest Sub-Ohm vape kits, for exceptional cloud production and rich flavours. Sub Ohm vapes are designed for vapers who prefer DL, direct-to-lung vaping. A large selection of the latest, and most popular, sub-Ohm e-cigarette kits from all the top brands including, Aspire, Freemax, Geek Vape, Innokin, Smok, Vaporesso, and VooPoo.

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What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Popular among vaping purists, sub-Ohm vaping is all about cloud production and flavour. As the name suggests, sub-Ohm vaping is when you vape using coils with a resistance rating below or sub 1.0 Ohms. To get the most out of sub-Ohm coils, you need a device with a high wattage power output, on average between 50W and 100W, though with the increase in coil technology, sub-Ohm vaping can be achieved with lower 40W to 60W rated coils.

Bigger Clouds & Richer Flavours

Because sub-Ohm coils heat faster and run at higher temperatures, the vape liquid is turned to vaper more efficiently. More heat creates larger vape clouds and produces richer flavours. The downside of this is that you will use more e-liquid. 

Best E-liquid For Sub-Ohm Vaping

Due to the higher temperatures produced by sub-Ohm coils, it is recommended that you use a high VG rated e-liquid like a 70VG/30PG or 80VG/20PG. High VG liquids are thicker and are more suited to the higher temperatures of sub-Ohm coils. Thinner liquids like a 50/50 or high PG e-liquid will vapourise too quickly, resulting in a harsher throat hit, poor flavour and burnt coils.

Direct To Lung Vaping

Sub-Ohm coils are best suited to DL or direct-to-lung vaping, where the vapour is drawn directly into the lungs as if you were taking a deep breath. Once the reserve of die-hard and experienced vapers, sub-Ohm vaping is now possible with a wide range of MTL vape kits including, many vape pod kits and vape starter kits.

Satisfying Vape Experience

For many vapers, sub-Ohm vaping provides a very satisfying and rewarding vape experience. The exceptional cloud production and rich flavours produced when sub-Ohm vaping make this style of vaping very popular with regular vapers.

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