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Vape starter kit and e-liquid bundles for new vapers looking to kick the habit.

Everything that you need to start vaping - vape starter kit - Vampire Vape award-winning e-liquids

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Every year thousands of smokers choose to quit the habit and start vaping. Why? Because vaping has been proven to be the most effective way to get rid of those nasty cigarettes while dealing with your nicotine craving. This means that more people succeed when they choose to vape over any other method.

Vape starter bundles

Our vape starter kit bundles are the best way to kick-start your vaping journey. Each vape bundle includes -

  • High-quality vape starter kit. We only choose vape kits from top brands. AIO (all-in-one) kits are easy to use and include everything you need.
  • Award-winning Vampire Vape e-liquids or nic salts. TPD compliant e-liquids in a range of delicious flavours and different nicotine strengths.

All our kits are specially chosen just for you.

MTL vaping

Mouth-to lung vaping mimics the way most people smoke. Our vape kits are chosen because they are designed for MTL vaping, making it easier to make the transition to vaping.


Our kits are bundled with 10Ml 50/50 VG:PG award-winning e-liquids in a range of popular flavours and a choice of nicotine strengths. Suitable for use in a large range of MTL vape kits, our 10Ml e-liquids are made in the U.K and used by new and experienced vapers every day.


We bundle our kits with standard 50/50 e-liquids. This means that they have the best ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol for great taste and smooth throat hit when vaping, and are perfectly suited for your chosen kit.

Nicotine strength

By offering a choice of nicotine strengths from 3mg to 18mg for e-liquids, and 10mg to 20mg for nic salts, we give you the best chance of beating those cravings.


  • 0mg - 3mg: recommended for light smokers
  • 6mg - 12mg: recommended for medium, regular smokers
  • 18mg: recommended for heavy smokers. 20+ per day

Nic salts

  • 10mg: recommended for medium, regular smokers
  • 20mg: recommended for heavy smokers. 20+ per day

Nic salts provide a smoother throat-hit than regular e-liquid and are absorbed faster, meaning that they are generally preferred by many new vapers.

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