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Geek Bar Disposables & Elf Bar 600 Disposables - 5 for £20

Puff bars or disposable vapes are throw-away vape devices prefilled with e-liquid or nic salts in different flavours and nicotine strengths. Complete with an internal battery and draw-activated, puff bars are easy to use and the perfect gateway to vaping. Available in a range of flavours including award-winning Vampire Vape flavour Geek Bars. We currently offer both the Geek Bar and Geek Bar Lite and the Elf Bar 600 disposable puff bars in a choice of 0Mg, 10Mg or 20Mg nic salt. The Vampire Vape flavoured e-liquids are available in the Geek Bar range with 20Mg nic salt.

Geek Bar disposables now 3 for £15 from Vampire VapeGeek Bar disposables now 3 for £15 from Vampire Vape
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Puff bars are often measured by the number of puffs, they're roughly equivalent to a packet of 20 cigarettes and intended as an all-day vape, perfect for new vapers. As a sealed unit, disposable vape kits like the Geek Bar or Elf Bar contain everything in a sealed small compact device. They include a low powered battery and suitable coil with 1.5Ml to 2Ml of flavoured e-liquid or nic salt liquids.

Great Flavours

The abundance of great flavours makes disposable vapes extremely popular with vapers. The Geek Bar range has over 20 delicious flavours and is also available in a range of your favourite Vampire Vape flavours including the award-winning Heisenberg and Pinkman flavours, coming soon. The Elf Bar range also offers an equally delicious range of 20mg nic salt flavours.

The Handy Vape

Aimed at new vapers as a way to quit smoking and existing vapers looking for a handy low-cost alternative to their regular vape device while travelling or during charging periods when their vape kit isn't available, they're always handy to have on hand.

What are Puff Bars?

Designed to replace cigarettes, disposable vapes like the Geek Bar, the Elf Bar or the aptly named Puff Bar are listed with the total number of puffs or draws they can produce before they are empty. The amount of e-liquid and the size of the battery determine the number of puffs you get from a disposable puff bar. The standard Geek Bar has a 500mAh battery and contains 2Ml of 20Mg nic salt e-liquid and will produce approximately 575 puffs before you need to dispose of it.

How do you use a disposable vape?

Disposable vapes are simple to use. Just remove the disposable vape from its packaging and take a puff. Disposable vapes are draw-activated and don't require a fire button. There are no tanks to fill, and you don't have to charge them.

How do I know when my disposable vape has run out?

When you take a puff and don't get any vape, it means that your disposable vape has run out of e-liquid or the battery is flat. Time to throw it away.

What happens when my disposable vape runs out of e-liquid?

When you run out of e-liquid your disposable vape will not fire, avoiding a nasty taste in your mouth. Unlike regular vape kits, which can produce a dry hit when you run low on e-liquid.

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