Vape Tricks for Beginners

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Vape Tricks for Beginners

We have collated a list of beginner-friendly vape tricks that you can learn to impress your friends or keep in your back pocket for when someone asks for your party trick.

There is an endless number of tricks that you can learn. Vaping tricks is not only a hobby for many people, but cloud chasing has also turned into worldwide competitions and events.

In this guide, we will cover seven simple vape tricks to help you get started.

The Waterfall

The Waterfall vape trick is one of the easiest to learn. There are multiple ways to do this trick and it doesn’t require any special equipment.

To create the ‘waterfall’ slowly let out vapour onto a flat surface. This will create a thick mist that will stay on the surface. You can do this by using your mouth, inhale the vapour, let it sit for a few seconds before slowly letting it out a couple of centimetres from the surface.

It is much easier to do this trick with a high VG e-liquid or a powerful device. The thicker the cloud, the better. Do not exhale the vapour, simply let it flow out of your mouth naturally onto the surface.

The Tornado

The Tornado is one of the coolest looking tricks. It looks and sound complicated but it’s quite simple. It only requires one extra step after The Waterfall. Once you have left your vapour on the flat surface. Use your hand to whisk the vapour into the air, creating a tornado effect.

Ghost Inhale

The Ghost Inhale has stormed the world of Tik Tok over the past couple of years. This inhale trick is where you exhale a thick cloud of vapour in a ball like shape and suck it back in again. It is an impressive trick that looks quite complicated and might take you a bit of practice to perfect it.

Inhale a lot of vapour but keep it in your mouth, do not inhale. Let the vapour rest in your mouth for a few seconds then, using your tongue, push it out without exhaling. As soon as the vapour leaves your mouth, pull it back in quickly.

The Ghost Inhale is used quite a lot in more advanced tricks, so it is quite an effective skill to learn early.

Blow O’s

This is one of the most popular vaping tricks that people learn early on. It is one of the more complicated tricks but with time and practice it will soon become natural.

Hold the vapour in your mouth without inhaling and make an ‘O’ shape with your mouth. You have to force the air out using the back of your throat, it helps if you build up a bit of pressure before each release. It is a tricky one to get the hang of but once you have, it will become second nature.

Once you have mastered the basic ‘O’ shape you can further improve your O’s by changing the speed, distance and even combine it with other tricks.

The Dragon

To create The Dragon trick, exhale vapour out of your nose and the corners of your mouth at the same time creating a cool looking effect that resembles a steaming dragon.

When you have a mouth full of vapour, exhale through your nose and mouth at the same time. This can take some getting used to because it is not a natural sensation however once you’ve mastered it once it should start to feel familiar.

Keep the centre of your mouth shut and loosen thew corners of your mouth a little to direct the air out.

French Inhale

To complete the French Inhale, take the vapour in your mouth, push out your bottom lip and slowly breath it out. Once the vapour has escaped, start to inhale through your nose, the remaining vapour left in your mouth will follow if you have done it correctly.


Once you have mastered the French Inhale, it is super easy to move onto the bane. The secret to this trick is to make the vapour in your mouth as dense as possible, so it might be a good idea to practice that first.

Open your mouth slightly and stick out your bottom lip so that the vapour will naturally flow up towards your nose. In the exact same way, you would complete the French Inhale trick, push the vapour upwards except you need to put your teeth in the way of the vapour so that it can only escape through the gaps. This will create the cool Bane effect.

Once you have mastered these tricks, share them on social media using #VladsVape, we can’t wait to see what you achieve!


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