Xtar Charger


The Xtar Charger is a portable battery charger which also doubles up as a power bank.

Used as a battery charger it is compatible with one 2A or two 1A cells. The three-stage charging enhances the lifespan of the battery using the modes TC/CC/CV. This device is able to charge one 2500mAH battery in just 1.5hours. The Xtar Charger is also equipped with an 0V activation function which revives over-discharged batteries.

Used as a power bank the Xtar Charger is a fast-charging device with a capacity up to 7000Mah+. With a maximum 2.1A USB output, this charger with a magnetic cover design has a conversion efficiency of up to 92%. Battery charge and discharge technology have also been incorporated for extra safety features.


Xtar Charger

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