Wholesale E-Liquid Orders

Wholesale E-Liquid Orders

At Vampire Vape we offer a robust wholesale service who put the customer at the forefront. Whether a big brand or independent retailer, we offer a service that is tailored to your specific needs. We are a wholesale expert who has cultivated a strict process with fast turn-around, meeting the demands and needs of each customer. The onsite distribution team ensure that we can supply customers quickly and efficiently with all the vaping essentials without delay.

One-Stop Wholesale Service

Our one-stop service ensures that you can buy all the essentials, including Vampire Vape e-liquid, competitor e-liquid and hardware.

We stock a range of notable much-loved brands to minimise the time required to fully stock your retail shop.

As a trusted supplier, we understand that the customer wants a varied selection of e-liquid flavours by different brands, giving your customers a choice.

Similarly, we stock various brands of trusted hardware manufacturers. From the latest technology to classics that you can’t go wrong with. Featuring within this is a selection of e-cigarette devices, tanks, coils and accessories to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced vapers.

Our Wholesale E-liquid

Our trained team of mixologists possess unparallel skills when it comes to creating excellent tasting e-liquid. We have 100’s of flavours to choose from including the award-winning flavours, Pinkman and Heisenberg.

Within this, we have a vast range of e-juice that has high VG, ideal for sub-ohm and mech mods but we also stock plenty of high PG juice which is most suitable for starter kits.

Our flavour profile is an extensive one, having a wide selection of e-liquid flavours, designed to meet every palate and allow vapers to choose an ADV while also having the option to experiment with new flavours.

We continue to develop new flavours in 10ml and 50ml e-liquid as well as 30ml concentrate bottles, again catering to each individual vaper.

E-liquid Compliance

As a member of the IBVTA, we strive to develop the purest e-liquid that continues to deliver to the UK and global market.

We pride ourselves on the production of only the highest quality of e-liquid, manufactured and distributed in the UK. All our products are produced in a no nut environment ensuring products are available a wide range of individuals.

Our products feature four main ingredients, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, EU grade flavourings and nicotine if desired.

All our e-liquid is fully TPD compliant and has been rigorously tested both onsite and by a third-party laboratory who screen for harmful chemicals. It’s only when the e-liquid passes the tests that the products are released into the market.

Again, our labelling meets TPD requirements with tactile warning stickers, ingredient listing, expiry date and batch number for traceability. Our traceability is next to none as we retain ten bottles of each batch to manually check production and to keep a physical copy of each batch produced which is then stored for 15 years - ensuring that any issues can be resolved quickly.

Vampire Vape strives to be the world’s most trusted e-liquid provider. We achieve this by setting high standards and working with customers to build relationships and partnerships.

Supply of Other E-liquid Brands

Alongside the distribution of Vampire Vape e-liquid, we do stock and supply other branded e-liquid, giving an optimum choice to our wholesale customers.

Here you will be able to purchase flavours and brands that suit your customer demographic and save on buying items on multiple distribution websites.

Our varied stock consists of popular and notable e-liquid brands with a selection of flavours to choose from.

To comply with our standards, we ensure that all e-liquid brands are fully TPD compliant and filled with the finest quality of e-liquid.

E-cigarette Kits

We offer a wide selection of kits from notable, respected and trusted e-cigarette manufacturers. Here you will find kits suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced vapers, designed for every type of vaper.

The extensive range includes classic e-cigarette kits along with the newest releases on the market featuring the latest technology.

Our e-cigarette kits come from multiple well-known e-cigarette manufacturers including, but not limited to Aspire, Smok, Innokin and UWELL.

Distribution Prices

Whether a large brand or independent retailer you’ll want the best price yet still receive the highest quality of e-liquid.

At Vampire Vape we offer great value for money, giving the lowest costs as possible. We want you to have a great deal on re-selling, allowing you to comfortably buy in bulk and easily provide your customers with a choice of e-liquid and hardware.

UK Based Team

At Vampire Vape we employ a selection of trained individuals who develop, produce and distribute e-liquid at our HQ in Darwen, UK.

With this, we also have a UK based customer service team who are always on hand to help. Becoming a wholesaler isn’t always straight-forward due to TPD regulations which regulates what products can and can’t be sold. Our customer service team are on hand to help with any queries or concerns you may have.

The team have extensive knowledge of all our products, including the manufacturing of our esteemed e-liquid flavours. If you have any queries or want to know more before becoming a wholesaler, then please contact our customer service team on 01254 460124.

Company Values

  • Trusted Brand

    Vampire Vape is a renowned and trusted brand that provides the finest quality of e-liquid as well as that of third-party e-liquid and hardware distributors.

    Our company has received multiple awards for the quality of flavour, juice, production and manufacturing.

  • Complete Compliance

    We have strict guidelines and procedures to ensure that all products are fully TPD compliant and adhere to the rules and regulation set by official bodies. Our supplies are tested via a third-party laboratory allowing the distribution of only the highest quality of products.

  • Consumer Choice

    We stock a varied range of products from a multitude of brands and manufacturers, ensuring our website can be a one-stop shop for wholesalers.

  • UK Supplier & Distributor

    All operations at Vampire Vape occur onsite in the UK. This means all processes are tracked and our distribution to customers is quick and efficient.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

    Our UK based customer service team is on hand to help with any queries or questions about wholesale buying.