Second-hand vapour has been ruled unharmful to those around you, however, it is important to consider the correct etiquette and rules in place in society. But whenever you are unsure remember to always check the Rules

Vaping Around Others

Second-hand vapour has been ruled unharmful to those around you, however, it is important to consider those around you who may not like it. Ask your friends and family whether they mind you vaping.

Likewise, when in public places such as a restaurant or bar, you should ask a member of staff if vaping is permitted. It’s at the discretion of the proprietor if they do or don’t, but you should always take into consideration those around you.

Vaping on Public Transport

Vaping on public transport in the UK is prohibited, partly due to laws that still closely link e-cigarettes with traditional cigarettes and partly because vapour can linger in confined spaces. Be respectful of this. Your e-liquid may smell nice to you but not to everyone!

Please note that vaping on a plane is strictly prohibited and should not be attempted.

Vaping Around Your Pets

As mentioned above, second-hand vapour is harmless, however, animals have a different response as it can irritate them and potentially cause harm for cat owners as nicotine is poisonous to them.

It’s best to avoid vaping around pets in confined spaces. E-liquid should be kept away from pets, and if spilt needs to be cleaned up immediately to prevent accidental consumption.

Vaping Around Children

Whether it is your children or other peoples, it is generally frowned upon to vape around them.

It’s essential that you also keep e-liquid and e-cigarettes out of reach of children to avoid accidental consumption.

Check the Rules

Vaping is continuously growing in popularity, because of this, the laws are updated regularly. If you are not sure when you can or can't vape simply check the UK Government website here for more information.

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