Q1 – Do you have full sight of your product formulation including the individual components of your flavour concentrates

We are working towards gathering this information from our suppliers, as this information is confidential to their businesses, however we have some data now and the rest should follow shortly.

Q2 – Do you have a plan in place in which to obtain expert reports on the toxicology of those individual components and when brought together in a final product?

Yes we have engaged a compliance officer who is now pulling the data together. We also have an MHRA recognised inhalation toxicologist to provide oversight of the data we are generating and to provide opinion on any detailed issues.

Q3 – Do you have a production quality process including batch manufacturing records and traceability?

Yes we have a QMS system in place that is based around the principles of pharmaceutical manufacturing, this ensures full traceably throughout our production and supply chain, and confirms the quality of inputs and outputs.

Q4 – Can you provide documentation on the ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Elimination) of nicotine from your products?

This information is being pulled together by our compliance officer, who has come from a pharmaceutical research and development background and is suitably qualified for this task.

Q5 – Do you have a full quality control systems in place on all ingredients and outputs to ensure purity, particularly from plastic bottle contamination?

We demand the very highest standards from our supply chain and require certification and testing on all our inputs, and we undertake a batch testing programme to ensure that our processes and systems produce a clean and accurate product. Our facilities are of a medical grade to ensure a clean working environment.

Q6 – Do your container systems have an EN ISO 8317 (child resistant packaging) certificate and can you see a copy of it please?

Our products are all supplied in child resistant packaging and come with certificates.

Q7 – Do you have a safety reporting system to capture adverse events and customer complaints (Please provide details)

We have a system in place and will be implementing this into our customer base in the coming months.