Flavour Warehouse ltd. trading as Vampire Vape, has started the process of generating a TPD Dossier to ensure that the E-Liquids produced and supplied by us are compliant with the new rules that come into force in May 2016.


As part of this programme of works the following tasks are being undertaken:

  • Toxicology assessments on all our products, this includes a detailed literature search of all public domain sources of toxicology data so we can ensure that our products do not pose a significant risk to the safety and wellbeing of our customers. This data is generated to a level that covers all the components of the product, down to individual CAS numbers.
  • Emissions testing, we have developed a protocol to test the emissions of our products to ensure that the components of the formulations we developed and assess as safe are not transformed during the vaporisation process into other compounds that may present safety issues for our customers. Our testing protocol also ensures that are solutions vaporise consistently and do not select out specific components.
  • Purity and Quality Assessments; we already have a quality management system in place to ensure that our products are manufactured to the highest standards, using only the highest quality ingredients and that any opportunity for contamination to occur is addressed and contamination prevented. We also already have a rigorous programme of product testing to ensure that our products are free from contamination and our nicotine levels are accurate to the promise we make on our packaging.
  • Supply chain suitability, we review all of our suppliers to ensure that they are supplying us with only the highest quality materials and we maintain a close relationship with them as we go through the process of preparing for TPD compliance to ensure our highest standards are maintained


This data and submission is required under the TPD to be filed by November 2016 for products already on the market as of May 2016. So in order for our products to remain on the market place after May 2016 we need to commit to submitting this data to the MHRA by November 2016. We have undertaken to meet these deadlines and are working to this requirement. Products supplied by us will continue to be offered for sale within the law for the foreseeable future.



If you are a retailer of Flavour Warehouse Products you will not need to do anything, you are not required to make any fillings in the UK under the TPD, however you have a responsibility to ensure the products you are offering for sale are complaint with the TPD and we will provide you with a statement to that effect to show to Trading Standards, or any customers, that request it. Individual retailers are not required to make any filings under the TPD unless they import products for sale or remanufacture any products purchased from the UK.


If you manufacture a product using components purchased from Flavour Warehouse that fall under the jurisdiction of the TPD you will need to make a filing to the MHRA under the TPD rules. It should be noted that much of the data in these filings are confidential to our business and can’t be shared, however we will have already filled them with the MHRA and will provide you with a “letter of access” that will enable the MHRA to reference our data against your filling so you will be able to fulfil your requirements under the TPD. Once we have made our filling we will provide such letters.


At flavour warehouse we appreciate that remaining compliant with the TPD is a significant business risk and that whilst this statement is helpful you may have other questions or seek further reassurance, if you forward your questions to we will endeavour to answer them fully and have included a TPD FAQ page on our website at


Vampire Vape – Investing in all our businesses

At vampire vape we are fully aware of the upcoming TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) and the requirement to be compliant with it from May 2016 and we take our responsibilities under the TPD extremely seriously, and for that reason we have taken the following steps to ensure full compliance;

  • We have recruited a compliance officer who’s responsibility is to ensure that our products meet the requirements of the TPD.
  • We have initiated toxicology assessments for all the individual components of our liquids and have plans in motion to undertake emissions testing.
  • Our quality management system is already in place and ensures the quality and purity of the products we produce.

At Vampire Vape we are committed to meeting the requirements of the TPD, its important for us and those businesses that rely on our products as well.

If you have any questions on our programme of TPD compliance email or check out our FAQ at