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Tesla Biturbo Mechanical Mod Dual RDA Starter Kit is a powerful device that has the ability to fire two RDAs at the same time for greater vapor productions. Users can add two flavors e-liquid into RDAs and enjoy a complex and unique taste. The device is equipped with buttons for channel selection at the bottom, which allows users to know the usage of this device better. All of these are designed to provide you with an unbeatable taste and quality. Innovation leads to changing life.

Tesla Biturbo Mech Mod Operations:

1. Power On: Insert two 18650 high-drain batteries i nto the body of the device. The blue LED A and B will falsh 5 times to indicate the dual channels are started, and device will enter the mode of stand-by.(We recommend using high-drain 18650 batteries with rated discharge current>30A. Please be careful about the positive and negative signs inside the battery compartments.)
2. Power Off: Press the fire button for 5 times consecutively when the device is powerd on, and corresponding LED will flash for 3 times to indicate that the device is powered off.
3. Vaping: Press the fire button simultaneously as you vape and release the fire button when vaping is not required.
4. Working Mode Switch: Users can enjoy the switching among four working modes: opened channel A adn B / Opened Channel A / Opened Channel B / Closed channel A adn B. Press channel selection button A/B to open or close the channel A/B.

5. Charging: Remove the 18650 batteries from the device and recharge the batteries buy using an proper recharging device.

Tesla Biturbo Mech RDA Operations:

1. Steps for Installation: Before starting, make sure your hands are clean. Take RDA apart, install the pre-wrapped wire, and position and cut the ends of the wire off. Insert the cotton, and place it in the middle. Cut the cotton at an angle and make sure it's not too short or too long. Wet the coil with e-liquid and adjust the cotton.
2. Adjusting the Airflow: Adjust airflow through rotating the stainless tube, where a total of two airflow holes are located.

Tesla Biturbo Mech Starter Kit Protections
1. Over Puffing Protection: The device will deactivate after continuous puffing of more than 10 seconds. Then corresponding LED will flash for 8 times, and the device will enter the stand-by mode.
2. Reverse Connection Protection: If batteries are inserted incorrectly, the device will fail to power on and will prevent any damage to the chipset.
3. Low Voltage Alert: When the voltage drops below 7.5V, corresponding LED will flash for 15 times and the device will power off.
4. Atomizer Short-circuit Protection: When an atomizer short circuit occurs, corresponding LED will flash for 5 times rapidly and the device will enter the stand-by mode.

Tesla Biturbo Features & Spec:

1 or 2 RDAs Arbitrary Switch
Channel Selection Button
Dual 18650 Cells Setup
Connector Bridge For RDAs
Great Vapor Productions
Wide Bore Drip Tip
Airflow Control System
Enjoy Two Flavors Simultaneously
Biturbo Mech Mod
Dimension: 52*26*107mm(starter kit) / 52*26*88mm(Mod)
Material:Zinc Alloy(Die Cast)
Cell Type: 2 Hi-drain 18650 cell(Discharging current should be above 30A)
Thread Type: 510 thread
Min resistance: 0.1Ohm(Single RDA)/0.2Ohm(Dual RDAs)
Input Voltage Range: 6.0V~8.4V
Standby Current: < 5uA
LED Indicator: Blue
Protections: Over puffing protection/ Reverse connection protection/ Atomizer short-circuit protection/ Low voltage alert.
Biturbo Mech RDA
Diameter: 25mm
Height: 30mm
Adjustable Aiflow: Yes


1 * Biturbo Mech Mod
2 * Biturbo Mech RDAs
1 * Connector
1 * Drip Tip
4 * Clapton Wire
6 * Silicone Rings
1 * Screwdriver
8 * Screws
2 * Organic Cotton
1 * USER Manual

Biturbo Mechancial Mods are powerful devices that have the ability to fire two RDAs at the same time for greater vapor productions. The device is equipped with buttons for channel selection at the bottom, which allows users to choose between using one RDA or two RDAs, the dual LED lights are top show which channel/RDA is being used. Designed to provide a great experience and great flavour production.

Mechanical Mods are designed for experianced advanced users only.

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