Tanks & Accessories

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are key components to your device, and most kits will have at least one e-cig tank, or have some form of tank, which houses the coil. This is also where the e-liquid will go, which allows the device to create vapour, delivering both nicotine and flavour with each inhale.

Tank Kits

E-Cig tanks come in various shapes and sizes, with each one offering a specific vaping experience. For e-cig starter kits, tanks are often smaller, some are fixed and cannot be changed, and these often deliver a more satisfying nicotine and flavour ‘hit.’

Some intermediate kits, and most advanced kits, can be customised with tanks as the device contains a 510 pin – a universal screw that most e-cig tanks are compatible with, as they come with a 510 thread. These e-cig tanks offer a sub-ohm vape experience which increases flavour and vapour production.

This is a more tailored type of vaping and requires high VG e-liquid to perform at its optimal, such vapers typically vape very low nicotine juice, or no nicotine at all.

E Cig Tank & Accessories Range

At Vampire Vape we offer a huge selection of E-Cig Tanks from reputable manufacturers, including Freemax, Innokin, Aspire and Smok, among many more.

Our extensive range of e-cig tanks are suitable for all manner of vaping devices. Each product comes with a detailed description that will help you decide whether the tank is suitable for your needs.