Kick It In The Butt
Kick It In The Butt

The health orientated event has been running since 2012. Each year growing in success as more people kick it in the butt and Public Health England develop new tactics to manage cravings.

In recent years, e-cigarettes and vapes have featured within the campaign after Public Health England released a study in 2018 that stated these devices are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. The NHS claimed them to be a particularly effective stop smoking aid, especially when combined with face-to-face support from health professionals.

The entire event is designed to give support and help people feel healthier, save money and protect others from second-hand smoke.

At Vampire Vape we fully support the campaign as we’re passionate about helping others lead a healthier lifestyle, and Stoptober is a key event marked in our calendars. For more information head over to our social channels during October to view our support, guidance and advice during the 28-day period.

Stoptober Ambassadors

This Stoptober Vampire Vape have selected three dedicated ambassadors who a ready to Kick It In The Butt. Eager to take on our 28 day challenge, our ambassadors have been chosen for their ambition to make the switch and ultimately stop smoking. Each individual has been fully equipped with everything they need to complete the challenge; one of our Kick It In The Butt bundles, some Vampire Vape merchandise and additional e-liquid. Want to keep up to date with how our ambassadors are doing? Keep an eye on our social channels where we will be posting weekly updates and you can also share your support for our ambassadors.

The Ultimate Starter Kit - Discover The Dot Pro

The Dot Pro is the ultimate device for helping you make the switch and #kickitinthebutt. This device is the simplest to use simply switch, click, and go. With an ergonomic design, quick charging and useful pre-filled pods the Dot Pro takes the stress and the mess out of vaping so you can focus on what matters and vape with ease.  The Dot Pro prefilled pods are available in a varied selection of flavours from Vampire Vape and Liberty Flights, including the award winning daddy of all vapes Heisenberg! For more information check out our blog Five reasons to choose a Dot Pro.


For this Stoptober we are bringing you the biggest and best deals with buy 2 get 1 free on our Kits & Tanks, and our kit and pod bundle which gives you a free twin pack with each Kit.

Try Our Quitter Bundles - Coming Soon!

This year we are bringing you 6 brand new Quitter's Bundles the ideal way to kick start #kickitinthebutt.  Each bundle contains one of the latest starter kit devices, 4 bottles of 10ml e-liquid to help you find your favourite flavour and ease though nicotine cravings. A dairy to help you keep on track and show you day by day health improvements, money saved, and helpful tips. A stress ball to help you keep your hands busy when you start to crave.

Smok Nfix Pod Kit

The Smok Nfix Pod Kit a stylist and powerful little device. housing 700mAh battery which chargers in just 60 minutes. The OLED screen shows you all the information you need from your battery level to what wattage your device is firing at. The 2ml pod has side filling with a magnetic connection to hold it into place. The pod holds a 0.8ohm coil ideal for nic salts and higher mg strength to fight those cravings.

  1. Smok Nfix Pod Quitter's Bundle Smok Nfix Pod Quitter's Bundle

Aspire Slym Kit

The Aspire Slym Kit can be used with either empty 1.8ml replacement pods which you can fill with your favourite flavours such as Heisenberg or Pinkman, or Prefilled 1.8ml pods so that flavour is ready to go. The built-in 1000mAh battery and multiple safety features, as well as top cap refilling system. This Kit gives you the easiest and safest experience possible. The pods come with a fitter 1.2ohm coil for quick changes.

  1. Aspire Slym Quitter's Bundle Aspire Slym Quitter's Bundle

Innokin Go S Pen Kit

The Innokin Go S Pen Kit is the ideal hassle free vape kit for new vapers, a compact device which includes a built-in 1500mAh battery. The 2ml tank has a easy to use sliding top fill system for quick and mess free refills, along with fully adjustable airflow to give you control of how much you vape from short and flavoursome burst to long and filling clouds. Featuring a 1.6ohm built in coil once it is spent simply dispose of the whole tank and replace with a new one, taking the difficultly out of coil refreshment.

  1. Innokin Go S Pen Quitter's Bundle Innokin Go S Pen Quitter's Bundle

Freemax Maxpod Kit

The Freemax MaxPod is our easiest starter kit, ideal for someone who wants to make the switch but wants dissect easy vape that can be used at a moments notice. It houses a 550mAh battery, and a light on the front which indicates how much power you have left. Its lightweight but robust containing a 2ml pod with side filling with a silicone stopper to prevent leaking. This pod comes with two coils which will give you a full flavour vaping experiance.

  1. Freemax Maxpod Quitter's Bundle Freemax Maxpod Quitter's Bundle

Smok Nord 2 Kit

The Smok Nord 2 is a more powerful device, with it's built-in 1500mAh battery and intelligent pod detection and improved chipset. featuring 2 pods each with a pre-installed coil. The RPM Mesh 0.4ohm for larger clouds and thicker vapour, and the Nord DC 0.8ohm  for a more flavoursome smooth vapour. The new on-screen let's you know the charging status with estimated charge time, aswell as wattage output, the coil ohm,

  1. Smok Nord 2 Quitter's Bundle Smok Nord 2 Quitter's Bundle

Smok Pozz X Kit

The Smok Pozz X Kit brings you the latest in vaping technology a device that can carry you from complete beginner to master vaper. With its built in 1400mAh within a stylish shell gives you a powerful device with a battery which can last. Compact design allows it to sit neatly in the palm of your hand, with adjustable airflow, wattage, and coil size there is no vaping style it can not accommodate.

  1. Smok Pozz X Quitter's Bundle Smok Pozz X Quitter's Bundle

What Liquid Should You Choose?

Prefilled Pods

Pre-filled pods are pods which come with an e-liquid already housed inside, the liquid is usually a Nic Salts but can come in a standard liquid also. These are the simplest and most convenient way to get your nicotine hit for beginners however tend to be slightly more expensive per ml of liquid than refillable tanks and pods due to the increased cost of replacing the whole pod each time you run dry.

Nic Salts

Nic Salts are ideal for new vapers who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day as these give you the higher nicotine level available in 10mg or 20mg without the harsh throat hit of high mg standard 10mls and give you a more intense flavour experiance. All our best selling flavours are available in both Standard and NicSalt 10ml bottles so as you cut back your nicotine strength you can still vape your favourite flavour.

Standard 10mls

Standard 10ml e-liquid is what started everyone vaping, and if you smoke less than 10 ciggerettes a day is probably the best place to start your vaping journey too. Standard 10mls come in 0mg/3mg/6mg/12mg/18mg giving you the opportunity to gradually lower your nicotine intake without having to go too quickly and risk relapsing. Why not check out our Taster Packs and see which flavour is right for you?

Try Our Favourites!


Crowned the Daddy of all day vapes, Heisenberg is the original flavour which Vampire Vape grew from and is still our best selling favourite. Developing its own cult following winning multiple awards for its flavour, it is an intense mix of fruity red berries with a cool menthol breeze. This perfect balance of fruit and menthol makes Heisenberg the perfect flavour to keep you going all day. Available in Standard 10ml, Nic Salts, Concentrate, and shortfill.


Pinkman the sweet flavour packed with wild fruits for a refreshing intense vape. One of our original flavours it has held its spot as one of our best sellers since the start. This fuity variation is ideal for an all day vape or a weekend treat! Availible in our Standard 10mls, Nic Salts, Concentrates, Shortfills and in slight variations such as Vlad's Pinkman On Ice  which won Best Mint / Menthol at Vapouround in 2017.

Taster Packs

We understand it can be a daunting task to pick a flavour, and not picking the right one for you can result in relapses and unnecessary stress when you are trying to make the right decision for your health. So we dont make you choose! We have created a wide selection of Taster Packs, from Fruity Favourites, to Mighty Menthols and even The Best of 2019! Packs range from any 4 10mls for £12 to our full range of 10 Nic Salts for £30.