Samsung 30T 21700 Battery


The Samsung 30T 21700 is a powerful battery that is the equivalent of a 3000mAh battery. This offers plenty of power to your device, maximising your vaping experience.

This rechargeable battery reaches full power in just 130 minutes and has a voltage output of 3.60Vs.

The 21700 are sized at 21.12mm x 70.30mm which is ideal for a variety of mod devices.

Battery Safety note:

Always use a charger that is compatible with these batteries.

You should never leave batteries charging unattended.

Do not leave loose batteries in a pocket or bag.

While the batteries are rechargeable it's recommended you replace them every 2 years.

If the PVC wrap is broken, do not use them.

Do not expose to extreme heat.

Suitable for devices compatible with rechargeable battery/batteries of this size.

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