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  1. Aspire Breeze 2 Pod

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Pods are a different style of e-cigarette that is typically smaller, broader and more discreet. They were initially launched with the incentive of not changing the coil, rather than the pods itself.

However, this changed as design developments occurred across the vaping industry, which saw the introduction of coils, whilst still retaining the original method.

Alongside this, the pods began to feature power modes, variable voltage and low resistance coils that offered a more flavoursome and satisfying vaping experience. Although developments have introduced more features, Pod devices still offer a stress-free vape.

What is a Pod?

This is a simple device that features a battery with a pod that slides in and out of the battery case. They are ergonomically built to fit in the palm of your hand, as well as your pocket or bag when out and about.

In the beginning, these pods were made with a built-in-coil that required the user to replace the pod every few weeks, just like you would do with a typical e-cigarette kit. Examples of this include the air-driven Smok Novo and the Innokin EQ Pod kit.

Other models such as the Smok Nord, GeekVape Frenzy Pod and the Aspire Breeze 2 feature replacement coils, that can easily be swapped out when required.

Some Pods, such as the Aspire Gusto come with prefilled pods, removing the task of replacing the coil and refilling the device.

Why chose a Pod?

Pods are popular among existing vapers and new vapers alike, following the rise in popularity. The easy-vaping devices are in-demand due to the low maintenance design, and highly satisfying response from vaping kits.

An enticing factor is the Pods compatibility with Nic Salts, yet another popular item in the industry due to the higher concentration of nicotine that effectively curbs cravings. The development of Nic Salt usage in Pods has been an influential factor that has led to many vapers transitioning from a pen to a pod.

For beginners, Pods are an ideal e-cigarette introduction into vaping, allowing you to adjust slowly to the devices. The lack of complex settings and low maintenance of these devices offers a simple yet satisfying vape.

Pods we stock

At Vampire Vape, we host a vast selection of the latest and most popular devices in the market. This extends to devices with prefilled pods, refillable pods, fixed coils, replaceable coils, air-driven devices and button fire pods.

Our range caters to every level, minimising stress and offering a simple and effective vaping experience. Currently, we boast products from Smok, VooPoo, GeekVape, Lost Vape, among other leading e-cigarette manufacturers.