Our Nic Salts range is expanding to include more flavours for every type of vaper! It’s no secret that Nic Salts are a popular choice among vapers, after finding nicotine hits more satisfying than regular 10ml bottles.

Nic Salts feature the same nicotine found in cigarettes, without the high-risk ingredients found in traditional tobacco products. This form of nicotine absorbs into the bloodstream much faster, therefore effectively curbing cravings. Such juice is often recommended for new vapers or those who struggle to frequently vape throughout the day. For more information, see our blog What are Nic Salts.

This growing trend has encouraged us to take our best-selling flavours and duplicate them into Nic Salts. An easy process achieved by our expert mixologists that use the finest ingredients to create a mixture that satisfies cravings whilst delivering strong bursts of flavours.

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Crack The Code

Currently, we have TEN unique flavours on the market, featuring two award-winners, Heisenberg and Sweet Lemon Pie! Featuring alongside such flavours is the renowned flavour Pinkman, the classic Blood Sukka and Catapult.

In late 2019 our Nic Salt range doubled to include five more popular flavours which extend to Sweet Tobacco, Vamp Toes, Black Jack, Charger and Ice Menthol.


Classic Flavour Favourites


A fruity concoction with a smooth aniseed and menthol undertone that vibrantly entwine with the mixture, leaving a powerful fruit flavour behind. This sensational flavour is a famed ADV that many vapers live by!


An outstanding fruit medley that is just waiting to erupt and ooze out delightfully sweet fruit flavours. This renowned flavour rocked the industry with its imaginative collection of fruit tastes that so many vapers find hard to resist.

Deliciously Different

Sweet Lemon Pie

Prepare your taste buds for the beautifully baked Sweet Lemon Pie, featuring a sweet syrupy lemon, drizzled on a buttery biscuit base. This moreish mix is a recognised winner that astounded judges with it’s wholesome and delicious flavours.

Sweet Tobacco

A classic rendition of traditional tobacco with a subtly sweet undertone that softens the rich flavours, leaving a wholesome and sensational tobacco taste to rest gently on your palate.

Something Sweet

Black Jack

A staple tuck-shop sweet with formidable aniseed tones that whistle through your palate, leaving a tantalising flavour behind. This bold flavour perfectly captures the sweet, delivering a strong aniseed taste with every inhale.

Vamp Toes

A classic mix, inspired by one of the nations favourite cordial juice, featuring ripened grape and blackcurrant flavours with an invigorating menthol breeze. It’s a fantastic mix that leaves a sweet fruity taste lingering on your palate.

Minty Menthol


Take your vape to new heights with this moreish combination of blackcurrants and summer fruits with a daring menthol undertone. The icy element enhances the fruits flavours, allowing them to rest on your palate long after each exhale.

Ice Menthol

Rejuvenate your senses with this vibrant minty mix. This ice-cold flavour echoes throughout your palate, refreshing every element with its strong menthol tones.

Fruity Menthol

Blood Sukka

A classic best-seller from Vampire Vape, featuring ripened berries, red fruits and cherries with a revolutionary sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol twist. These flavours blend seamlessly, delivering a tantalising fruit taste that echoes around your palate.


Recharge your taste buds with this unique citrus bodied mix, sweetly entwined with red fruits and brilliantly transformed with a cooling aniseed undertone. The fruit flavours vibrantly burst through the mix, dancing delicately on your taste buds.



Take your vape to a new level with our exclusive range of Nic Salt flavours. These unique mixtures are designed to give a satisfying vape that maximises nicotine and flavour with every inhale.

To successfully achieve this, you need a kit that’s designed to enhance these features and successfully meet your needs.

At Vampire Vape, we stock the latest hardware from leading brands such as Smok, Innokin, Aspire, VooPoo and GeekVape, among many others.

We have an extensive range of pods and pens, each one designed to meet your needs and preferences. Whether you’re a veteran vaper or newbie, we’ve got kits that will meet your expectations and deliver an exceptional vape with Nic Salts.