LostVape Triade DNA250C Box Mod

The LostVape Triade DNA250C Box Mod is a renowned box mod equip with a range of features to ensure an all-around better vape.

Adjust your wattage to a mega 300Ws for a better throat hit and increase flavour with the addition of the preheat mode with added temperature protection for increased safety.

All of which is made easier with the powerful DNA 250 colour chipset. Powered by 18650 batteries, the LostVape Triade DNA250C has a prolonged battery life allowing you to vape without fear of it losing power with variable wattage features. This device is now available in a range of colours including black, silver, red-black and black-grey. 

LostVape Triade DNA250C Box Mod is a-state-of-the-art mod. Entirely designed to give you the ultimate vaping experience which is represented in the level of features the mod possesses. This is a mod that considers the various needs of more advanced vapers.

Powered by 18650 batteries and fitted with a powerful DNA 250 Chipset the LostVape Triade DNA250C is designed to give the best vaping experience. All of which can be determined by yourself with the Wattage control which has a maximum of 300Ws.

When it comes to power and heat the LostVape Triade DNA250C has you covered. It comes with a preheat mode and heat protection that preps and protects you. It’s a mod that has been meticulously designed to look good and perform well.


Powerful DNA 250 Colour Chipset

Wattage Control / variable wattage

Temperature Protection

Replay Function

Boost Mod


Onboard Programmable Multicolour LED

Powered by 18650 Batteries

300W maximum

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Brand Lost Vape
Key Features Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage
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