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At Vampire Vape we pride ourselves on stocking the latest and most desirable e-cigarette kits which extend to starter kits such as pen-style devices and pod kits right through to advanced models that feature variable wattage, voltage and temperature control features.

Whether you’re looking for a Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung vape, we’ve got kits that will provide this experience.

We stock a range of products from leading manufacturers, which includes Aspire, Smok, Innokin, GeekVape, Vaporesso and VooPoo to name a few.

Our constant deliverance of the latest products means that you get the most advanced and responsive kits on the market. While we strive to give you the latest technology, we do retain classic devices that have stood the test of time in this fast-paced industry. The likes of the Aspire Pockex AIO, Innokin Endura and the Smok Novo have become established devices that to this day, remain popular devices for many vapers, both beginner and veteran alike.

Within our products, you will find detailed descriptions that outline the properties and features, with a clear indication of the type of e-liquid that is best suited to the device.

We have advice on cleaning devices and upgrading your e-cigarette kit, which can be found in our blog. This information will detail everything you need to know about e-cigarettes and how to keep your device safe, whilst getting the most out of your e-cigarette.

At Vampire Vape we stock a fully comprehensive list of products, with a large portion being a part of our exclusive bundle deals. Our deals encompass everything you need to get you started or set up with your new kit. The bundles typically come with e-liquid, NicIt UP if suitable to the device and can even feature spare pods and coils.

In the table below we’ve listed the features that can be found in the starter, intermediate and advanced kits. It’s with this information that you can decide which type of device will be most suitable for you.

Starter Kit Features Intermediate Kit Features Advanced Kit Features
Smaller battery sizes 1500mAh (max.) Increased battery sizes i.e. 3000mAh capacity Larger battery capacity or removable batteries.
Variable coils, primarily 1.0ohm upwards which are compatible with standard 10ml e-liquid only. Variable coils that support standard 10ml e-liquid & higher VG e-liquid. Variable wattage, voltage and temperature control settings.
1ml-2ml e-liquid capacity. Adjustable wattage settings. OLED Screen.
Button click & air driven designs. MTL Vaping style Removable tank or RDA that supports higher VG e-liquid.
Designs that don’t require coil changes. 510 Thread that allows for tank customisation Adjustable Airflow
Small and discreet e-cigarette pens and pods. 2ml e-liquid capacity with some tanks offering extension glasses that increase e-liquid capacity. Advanced features: puff monitoring, atomiser recognition, password protection, replay mode, reverse polarity protection.
Pod and pen variants, increasing designs and size. A.I Technology & advanced chipsets
Safety features: low voltage, overheat, over-discharge etc. Increased e-liquid capacity with extender glass for tanks.
Safety protections: short circuit, over-discharge, over-current etc.
DTL vaping preferences with increased coil options.
Larger sized device.

Please note that these features are a generalisation of what each kit may possess, or is likely to feature. Some kits won’t feature everything listed, while others may include more features. Do note that advanced kits with extensive customisable settings are designed for advanced vapers who have an understanding of Ohms Law.