Heisenberg Dot Pro Pods - Twin Pack (Vampire Vape)


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Restore flavour to your Dot Pro device with the salt-based prefilled pods, featuring 2ml of our award-winning Heisenberg.

This renowned flavour comes with a secret blend of mixed fruits and aniseed that are brilliantly transformed with a chilling menthol undertone. These flavours are further enhanced with the honeycomb mesh core that evenly heats and absorbs the brilliant mixture.

Our prefilled pods come in a pack of two with 20mg salt-base juice that effectively curbs cravings. The addition of the magnetic base allows for easy assembly, but please note, this pod is only suitable for the Dot Pro device.

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The Heisenberg 20mg prefilled pods are specifically designed for the Dot Pro with unique properties that enhance both flavour and nicotine absorption, delivering a more satisfying vaping experience. The Dot Pro also has a handy leak-proof device, allowing you to maintain a stress-free vape.

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More Information
Brand Dot Pro + Vampire Vape
Flavour Heisenberg
Bottle Size 2ml
Strength 20MG
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