Introducing our DIY range! We specialise in the creation of unique flavours, and with our concentrates, we’re giving you the chance to replicate and experiment by yourself.

Our wide range comes with all the essentials, including flavour concentrates, nicotine and tools that make mixing your own e-liquid possible. We also offer unique bundles that piece together the different elements, ensuring you have all the properties for mixing without having to add each item to your basket.

Why DIY?
Mixing e-liquid is a popular method, primarily because it is a huge money saver, offering larger volumes of e-liquid at a lower price. Mixing also opens up opportunities to get creative with flavours, creating unique, obscure and even combined medley’s that give a different style of vaping. DIY mixing offers more vaping opportunities, but mixing does take skill and requires precise measurements to capture the flavour as tasted in our standard 10ml bottles.
It’s with this that we do recommend that DIY mixing should be undertaken by those who understand the ingredients, what each one does, and how the e-liquid comes together. This extends to PG/VG ratio plus flavour and nicotine strength.
For more information on DIY mixing, see our blogs as mentioned below.


Every day we’re bundling, and that doesn’t stop with our DIY selection. We’ve pieced together two kits that come with all the essentials for making your own e-liquid.
This extends to flavours, nicotine and equipment, including empty e-liquid bottles, so that you can carry e-liquid with ease.
Our bundles cut costs and come with two options that suit the most novice mixer to the most knowledgeable mixer.

  1. Mini Mix DIY Kit Mini Mix DIY Kit

    From £23.00

    To £25.00


We simplified DIY e-liquid with the introduction of our Base Mix, which combines two core elements of e-liquid, Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).
The Base Mix reduces the complexity of measuring each ingredient; however, the mixes which are available in 50VG/50PG or 60PG/40VG do alter when mixed with flavours and nicotine. In our blog, we delve into mixing with our Base Mix range.
To find out more visit our Vampire Vape Base Mix Blog


Mixing e-liquid is a fine art, in terms of finding the balance with measurements of the ingredients in e-liquid, which extends to VG, PG, flavour concentrate and nicotine if desired. Here we look at the essentials for mixing, how to mix, how to measure, and how to successfully create the perfect batch of e-liquid.
To find out more visit our Blog on How to become an expert Mixologist.


Creating specific blends of e-liquid in terms of PG/VG ratios, flavour and nicotine strength can be difficult, which is why we’ve put together a recommendation list.
This list will help you create a juice that replicates our famous flavours. When mixing, we do suggest you use our mixing calculator as this breaks down each ingredient amount required for the desired ml. Please note, the mixing calculator does not work for our Base Mix products; instead, refer to the blog listed above.
If you have any more queries or mixing questions, please contact our customer service team for more information!


3mg 60PG : 40VG


3mg 53VG : 47PG


3mg 56VG : 44PG


3mg Nic Salts 58VG : 42PG


3mg Nic Salts 60PG : 40VG


3mg Nic Salts 53VG : 47PG



3mg 50PG : 50VG

3mg Nic Salts 50PG : 50VG

3mg 60PG : 40VG

3mg 70VG : 30PG

3mg 80VG : 20PG

3mg 70VG : 30PG


How do I use the mixing calculator?

Start by entering the ml amount of e-liquid you want to produce. Follow by imputing the PG and VG ratio you desire. Although the calculator does give an option for extra diluents, we do advise that you don’t add any extra’s.

Next, add your desired nicotine strength. We do recommend using our NicIt Up shots at 18mg, however, if you choose to use another product, then adjust figures accordingly. The nicotine base relates to the PG/VG ratios for the NicIt Up / nicotine shot, which should be indicated on the bottle.

The final ingredients to add is the PG based Flavour Concentrate. We recommend adding 15-20%; however, this is down to personal preference. Please note that with some flavours such as Black Jack and Pear Drops we suggest no more than 12%.

Once entered, your mixing results will be displayed in a table to the right of your screen when using a desktop or at the bottom of the page on mobiles.

All measurements are presented in ml required. For more information, see the details at the bottom of the mixing calculator.

What ratio is the flavour concentrate?

All our Flavour Concentrates are PG based, which is the flavour element of e-liquid. This does not have a ratio like typical e-liquid or NicIt Up bottles.

How much concentrate should I use in the mix?

The percentage of Flavour Concentrate used is subjective to each person; however, we do recommend using 15-20% to 80-85% mix of PG/VG and nicotine.

For example, a standard 30ml Flavour Concentrate will need 120ml of the mix, giving a total of 150ml of e-liquid.

Please note, that certain Flavour Concentrates do require a small dosage, please see the product descriptions for further information.

How much Base Mix should I add to my 30ml Concentrate to make my e-liquid?

The Base Mix is a premixed PG and VG blend that removes measurements on the individual ingredients.

The Base Mix follows the same principle as mixing from scratch and requires between 15-20% of a Flavour Concentrate to make a bottle of e-liquid.

This means a 30ml bottle of Flavour Concentrate needs 120ml of Base Mix, which creates a total of 150ml of e-liquid.

What's the difference with the nicotine ratios?

Similar to e-liquid, our NicIt Up shots come with varying PG and VG levels. The PG/VG ratio you use will depend on the ratio level you want your own e-liquid to be.

For instance, if you wish to produce a higher VG mix, you would choose a NicIt Up bottle of 80VG/20PG.

Higher VG e-liquid is thicker and is best suited to more advanced e-cigarette kits.

Can I make an exact ratio with the Base Mix?

Yes, exact ratios can be made, but you will need to use a slightly different calculation for adding the Flavour Concentrate and nicotine.

See below for more information on how to create various PG/VG ratios and nicotine strengths using our Base Mix.

How do I make a 50/50 ratio with the Base Mix?

Due to the Base Mix being premixed, there are limitations on the accuracy of ratios that you can produce.

We recommend;
12ml flavouring + 10ml of 50/50 NicIt Up + 38ml of 70/30 Base Mix = 3mg 47PG/53VG

For more precise PG/VG ratios, we do recommend using our individual PG and VG bottles.

What is PG?

PG or Propylene Glycol is the flavour element within e-liquid and is nearly odourless and carries a subtle sweet taste.

Propylene Glycol can also be found in many foods and medicines, among other products as this keeps them moist.

Some people are sensitive or have an allergen to PG. If you feel unwell, it is recommended that you vape a higher VG e-liquid or stop altogether.

What is VG?

VG or Vegetable Glycerine is the smoothing agent within e-liquid that reduces throat hit on the inhale.

Similar to PG, the other core ingredient for e-liquid, VG is also used in many products, in particular, the food industry as a sweetener. VG is also used in many herbal, cosmetics and medical products.

VG makes e-liquid thicker and the higher the ratio, the thicker the e-liquid, which is best suited to more advanced e-cigarette kits.