Smok is a renowned e-cigarette manufacturer, based in Shenzhen. The company has been a key influencer in the market since 2010.

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Since then, Smok has delved into the vape market using targeted market research to develop new e-cigarette devices for beginner, intermediate and advanced vapers. These devices integrate the latest technologies and unique designs which extends to build, coils or atomisers, pods and mods.

It is with this that Smok has gone on to become a leading developer that create devices suitable to all manner of e-liquid which includes standard 10ml with a 60PG/40VG or 50PG/50VG all the way to higher VG shortfill bottles such as our Shortz and Koncept range.

Smok Vaping Device Kits

Smok has established itself in the e-cigarette market with the sole focus of creating new and better vaping experiences for vapers alike.

Since the beginning, Smok has consistently released striking devices on a mass level that have helped popular styles of vaping become more accessible across the globe.

When e-cigarettes first became popular, customisable settings like variable wattage could only be achieved with mechanical mods. While many brands now produce variable wattage devices, Smok was one of the first to include this feature in beginner and intermediate e-cigarette kits.

Smok are primarily known for their extensive range of coils which strive to include innovative builds and materials. One example being Dual Coil Atomisers, which offer an entirely new vaping experience. Whilst they were available before Smok first introduced them, Smok injected their innovative and unique technology to produce some of the most iconic and industry-leading coils on the market today.

Sub-ohm vaping became more attainable following the years that Smok invested into the development of tanks which first began with the TFV4. The original tank was one of the first to work with sub-ohm coils but before this, many relied on mech mods to get the big flavour hits with massive cloud production. Following from the TFV4 was the TFV12 which to this day is considered as one of the best in the market.

The forward-thinking of Smok has led to the development and exposure of truly epic designs that feature continued integration of the newest technologies.

Notable Vape Kits

Over the years Smok has produced multiple devices that range from basic starter kits right through to impressive mods that are designed to give a powerful vaping experience. The brand is notorious for following similar themes, adapting and enhancing on already popular devices.

The Smok Stick proved to be a fantastic kit that went on to feature further designs that hit the market with a storm. These included the Smok Stick V9 Kit, Smok Novo 2 Kit, Smok RPM40 Kit and the Smok Stick 80W – each one advancing on the atypical pen kits that were limited in output, settings and power.

For more advanced vapers, Smok created a long line of sub-ohm and box mod devices.

One of the most popular sub-ohm series was the Alien products that increased wattage settings from 85Ws to 220Ws, introduced temperature control settings as well as the highly responsive chipset that allowed for easy and fast customisation. This range included the Alien that was fitted with one of Smok’s most popular tanks, the TFV8 Big Baby Beast, known for its impressive sub-ohm qualities.

The Smok Species soon followed the Alien series, which fired at 230Ws and featured the Smok Baby V2 Tank that utilises mesh coils that are designed for huge flavour and vapour production.

Revolutionary Pod Devices

Smok has excelled at Pod production, creating small, discreet devices that were developed and tweaked in design and capabilities to give a more fulfilling vape.

The Smok Novo was the instigator, that was a sleek, air-driven device that was simple and effective. It was the ideal starter kit with minimal maintenance.

Following on from this, Smok created the Nord, the big brother to the Novo that came with subtle yet useful tweaks in design as well as increased battery size for a more satisfying vaping experience.

In 2019 Smok went on to develop more pod systems including the Smok Mico, a tiny pod device with a powerful 700mAh lithium battery.

In the same year, they released the Infinix kit, a streamlined device, designed for a straightforward vaping experience.

Technical Tanks

Smok is constantly developing new tanks that utilise different materials, builds and coils for a more tailored and hard-hitting vape. The TFV12 Prince tank is just one of the mega builds that remains a firm favourite among many veteran vapers.

The collection of tanks continues to astound the market with each release introducing new features and coils that enhance the overall vaping experience.

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