In light of the recent news reporting, there have been many fears around whether or not it is safe to continue vaping. The easy answer is, as it has ever been, yes, it is safe to continue vaping.

Regarding the issues that have been happening in the US, Professor Linda Bauld, a Public Health Expert at Edinburgh University said:

The Guardian

“It seems highly unlikely that widely available nicotine-containing vaping products, particularly of the type regulated in Europe, are causing these cases. All the evidence to date suggests that illicit marijuana vaping products (THC oils) are the cause. In particular, a compound called tocopherol acetate may be the culprit.”

Under TPD regulations all e-liquid sold in the UK must go through rigorous testing, which includes tests from third-party laboratories before it can enter the market. While this is true, it is essential that you check whether you are buying from a reputable source. Here are some things to look out for:  

Leading advocates of e-cigarettes, Public Health England has spoken out following the claims, sharing the tweet below and expressing that vaping still remains less harmful than smoking. 

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