An electrical component that turns e-liquid into a vapour. This is commonly referred to as a coil.


ADV or All Day Vape is a e-liquid flavour that vapers are happy to vape throughout the day rather than changing flavours midday.


Stands for Advanced Personal Vaporiser but is typically referred to as a mod. Such e-cigs have larger units with replaceable batteries, variable voltages or wattage depending on the make.


Airflow is the amount of air that is sucked in with each drag. Looser airflows usually result in more vapour while tighter airflows produce less but leave a more intense flavour. The amount of airflow can change your overall experience of vaping.


Is a term used to describe an e-cigarette that doesn’t have a button. The device recognises when the user sucks on the device.

Automatic Shutoff

This is a safety feature most regulated e-cigarettes have, to prevent overheating of the battery.


The battery is the main part of an e-cigarette. This term typically refers to e-cigs that don’t have a replaceable battery as they charge up manually or cannot be used once the power has run out.


A term that refers to the ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerine in e-liquid.

Box Mod

A type of mod that is supported by a box-shaped battery.


A Bridge is a disposable atomiser where the e-liquid is held.


Is a combined cartridge and atomiser, this is usually transparent and allows vapers to measure the e-liquid level.


Is a type of e-cig that resembles a tobacco cigarette.


Clouds describe how much vapour a person issues with each puff.

Cloud Chasing

This term refers to vapers seeking an e-cigarette that blows massive clouds.


A coil is an essential component in the atomiser that heats or vaporises the e-liquid.

Coil Jig

A Coil Jig is a metal tool meant for rebuilding the coil in an e-cig.

Custom Mod

This is usually referred to vapers who have made their mod rather than purchase a factory built one.


In this sense, DIY usually refers to those who make their own e-liquid.

Drip Tip

A removable mouthpiece for an e-cigarette.


The process of putting liquid onto the coil instead of in a cartridge.

Dry Burn

This is an after effect from an e-cigarette when there is insufficient or no liquid in the device.

Dry Hit

A term used to describe the drag of an e-cig when the coil has burnt out.


A liquid solution that usually contains nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. However, you can get liquids that don’t contain nicotine.


A hybrid is a device is were the atomiser directly connects with the battery with no 510 connections.


The light on the e-cigarette that glows when it’s in use. Such lights also indicate battery life, most flash rapidly when the battery is running low.

Low Resistance (LR)

LR causes an e-cig to produce more vapour but it is known for reducing the battery life.

Mechanical Mod

A Mechanical Mod is a device that has a battery and a switch. These often lack in common safety features and should be handled with care.

MG Strength

MG indicates the amount of nicotine in one millilitre of e-liquid.


Mods are a type of e-cigarette that is made up of separate components.


Is a type of mod that comes with various voltage settings which can be adjusted to the vapers desires.


Is a term that refers to e-liquid that doesn’t contain any nicotine.


Ohm refers to the resistance of a coil used in an atomiser, loosely it is the how much current can pass through the coil. The most common ohms range between 1.5 & 3 Ohms. A lower ohm typically gives a harder throat hit and a warmer vape, but it can reduce battery life. A high ohm will have the opposite effect.


PG stands for polypropylene glycerol which is one of the two base substances used in e-liquids. PG adds flavour to the e-liquid and gives a heartier throat hit.


Rebuildables are tanks or atomisers which vapers can rebuild their own coils and wicks. Such devices are mainly used by veteran vapers.

Regulated Mod

A regulated mod is a device that has safety features to prevent the mod from overheating.


Tanks refer to bigger clearomisers that can hold larger amounts of e-liquid.

Starter Kit

A starter kit is the basic, overall package with all the essentials needed to start vaping.

Throat Hit

This is the term used to describe the feeling when the vapour hits your throat.

Vaper’s Tongue

Refers to the dulling of taste, mainly due to intense vaping or smoking the same e-liquid for a long period of time.


VG stands for vegetable glycerine which is the second base substance used in e-liquids. VG gives a smoother hit and produces larger clouds.


VV is an abbreviation for variable voltage which refers to the ability to control the voltage on an e-cig.


VW is an abbreviation for variable wattage which refers to the ability to control the wattage on an e-cig.


A wick is a piece of cotton or fabric in the cartridge that absorbs the e-liquid ready for vaping.

Advanced vaping is hard to wrap your head around. There are a variety of terms to describe components, devices, liquids and even vapers. By breaking it down you can have a greater understanding of vaping and what others are talking about. Comment below if you have any questions!