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  1. Koncept. New Design. New Flavours. Same Amazing Taste.

    Koncept. New Design. New Flavours. Same Amazing Taste.
    Koncept. New Design. New Flavours. Same Amazing Taste Notice something different? We’ve updated our Koncept range with a brand-new design, featuring the iconic Vampire Vape logo. Not only that, we welcome 6 fantastic flavours to range which now makes a 10 strong catalogue of tasty e-liquids. The 70VG/30PG ratio mixtures have been designed for sub ohm devices and is perfect...
  2. Vampire Vape In Space

    Vampire Vape In Space
    Vampire Vape In Space It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Vampire Vape. The iconic taste of Heisenberg has been recognised worldwide and continues to reach new heights... 121,000ft above ground to be precise! On a mission to make history, members of the marketing team here at Vampire Vape set off from our HQ in Darwen to meet the...
  3. Fresh Flavoured Icy Liquids

    Fresh Flavoured Icy Liquids
    Fresh Flavoured Icy Liquids Feel refreshed with just one breath! Our icy-inspired liquids have been designed to blend delicious flavours with an uplifting menthol kick. These frosty fusions are ideal for those looking for an all day vape as the invigorating blasts of menthol paired with a variety of tastes rejuvenate your palate with every hit. Inspired by the traditional...
  4. Menthol Tobacco New Flavour

    Menthol Tobacco New Flavour
    Menthol Tobacco New Flavour The ice has officially broken, and our new flavour has launched! We welcome Menthol Tobacco to our catalogue of flavours. Old-styled tobacco has been fused with a menthol hit to resemble the taste inspired by the traditional hand rolled cigarettes. A taste perfected and designed to help those who smoked menthol cigarettes to make the switch...
  5. Sweet Week At Vampire Vape

    Sweet Week At Vampire Vape
    Sweet Week At Vampire Vape Our sweet e-liquids produce floods of flavour that deliver the taste of some of your childhood favourites in just one breath. You may have seen on our social platforms that we’ve dedicated this week to some sugary goodness, praising the delicious tastes of our retro sweet inspired liquids. First off the shelf is the rich...
  6. 5 Reasons To Choose A Dot Pro

    5 Reasons To Choose A Dot Pro
    5 Reasons To Choose A Dot Pro The Dot Pro may be the perfect new device for you! This small but powerful e-cigarette is ideal for those who are just starting to vape, for people who want no fuss and fantastic flavours. Still not sure? Here’s our five reasons why you should buy a Dot Pro today:  Quick Charging The device features a 350mAh...
  7. Come DIY With Me Competition

    Come DIY With Me Competition
    COME DIY WITH ME Calling all mixologists! It’s time to show off your DIY skills with our latest competition. We’ve compiled a list of concentrates for you to choose from and by sharing your creation with us on Instagram, you could win a Vampire Vape DIY Kit, merchandise and a Vaporesso Target PM80. How do I enter the competition you...
  8. Sweet Flavoured E-Liquid

    Sweet Flavoured E-Liquid
    There are plenty of sweet treats available as e-liquids, the phrase “feeling like a kid in a candy shop” couldn’t be more relevant. If you’re a vape enthusiast and have sweet tooth, then you’ve landed in the right place. We thought we’d narrow down the choices to our favourite flavours, but if these don’t satisfy your taste buds then you...
  9. Award-Winning E-Liquids

    Award-Winning E-Liquids
    As Freddy Mercury once said, “we are the champions”. Yes, this blog post is dedicated to the flavours that take the crown and are unmatched anywhere else. Our award-winning e-liquids have been voted by fans across the world for their fresh hits and iconic aftertastes. It’s no secret (unlike our ingredients) that these e-liquids are the best of the best...
  10. Our Top Fruity Picks!

    Our Top Fruity Picks!
    Fruity e-liquids have always been a strong favourite in the vaping community, with refreshing and sweet flavours, they could easily be your all-day-vape. Now there is more choice than ever! Whether you are a rabid fruit aficionado, or just dipping your toe into the fruit flavoured world, we have you covered. Check out our top picks from the below, ranging from light and refreshing to robust...

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