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Celebrating National No Smoking Day 2019

11 days ago 8058 Views No comments

We're celebrating National No Smoking Day by sharing all the positives of vaping in a bid to encourage more people to ditch cigarettes. National No Smoking Day has been going since 1984 and today we continue to help spread the message!

What is E-liquid?

18 days ago 3782 Views No comments

E-liquid is a fluid that is heated up in an e-cigarette device. This heated fluid is turned into a water-based vapour that helps combat nicotine cravings and replace cigarettes.

E-liquid itself is made up of four ingredients which include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings and nicotine if desired.

New Evidence by PHE finds E-cigarette Usage among Youngsters Remains Low!

23 days ago 804 Views No comments

In a recent study, Public Health England found e-cigarette usage among youngsters remains low as cigarette use continues to decline. This new information further supports MPs actions to relax the laws on vaping.

What Happens to your Body when you Stop Smoking?

1 month ago 2658 Views 1 comment

Giving up smoking is no easy feat but knowing the difference it makes might be an influencing factor. Knowing this we've timelined how a person's body starts to recover after going without cigarettes. Click the link to find out more.

Kick it in the Butt: 8 Reasons to make the Switch from Smoking to Vaping!

3 months ago 1307 Views No comments

New Year, New You as the saying goes. For many giving up smoking will be a key goal for a better and healthier 2019. Many will use tools to quit smoking, though some may be dubious about using an e-cigarette. Because of this we’ve compiled a list of reasons which may encourage users to make the switch and stop smoking for good.