There are plenty of sweet treats available as e-liquids, the phrase “feeling like a kid in a candy shop” couldn’t be more relevant. If you’re a vape enthusiast and have sweet tooth, then you’ve landed in the right place.

We thought we’d narrow down the choices to our favourite flavours, but if these don’t satisfy your taste buds then you can take your pick here.


Crushed Candy is pretty much everything you can expect. This iconic taste combines strawberries, watermelon, a hint of bubble gum, all tied in with some exotic fruity hints.


Inspired by the sticks of tooth-breaking candy, this e-liquid is as refreshing as the seaside breeze it descended from. A sweet menthol and peppermint gust, fresh enough to take your breath away.


Blending both strawberry and banana for a sweet and tangy flavour, this e-liquid is certainly easy on the throat and delivers a delightful fruit twist.


The retro sweets have been replicated to perfection with this e-liquid. A sugar-coated taste of sweet pear and creamy banana blends.  


Is there anything better than a concentrated citrus taste that leaves your taste buds tingling all day? This juicy blend oozes with lemon hints for a flavour that lasts.

These e-liquids are available as pocket sized 10ml bottles and why not go pic and mix mad for our 4 x 10ml for £12 deal. All the mentioned flavours are available as 30ml concentrates for those who like to create their own mixes at home.