Study Finds E-Cigarettes Help Reduce Tobacco Consumption

A recent study aimed to assess the effects of an e-cigarette program on pulmonary health (cough, breath shortness, catarrh) and to evaluate the effectiveness of e-cigarettes in reducing tobacco consumption.

"Participants who used e-cigarettes with nicotine smoked fewer tobacco cigarettes than any other group after 6 months"

The controlled test consisted of 210 smokers divided into 3 groups and were monitored over a 6-month period:

Group 1 – nicotine e-cigarettes 8mg

Group 2 – Nicotine free e-cigarettes

Group 3 – Control 1:1:1 ratio

There was a significant difference in the number of daily cigarettes smoked between the groups, with participants in group 1 showing the lowest level of cigarette dependence compared to those in group 2 and 3.

The researchers stated, “after 6 months about 20% of the entire sample stopped smoking. Our data add to the efficacy and safety of e-cigarettes in helping smokers reduce tobacco consumption and improving pulmonary health status.”