Our October Starter Kits: What you need to Know

Did you know that if you go without cigarettes for 28 days then you’re FIVE times more likely to quit for good?

Given that one month could make such a huge difference we’re running discounts on our best e-cig starter kits to help you manage 28 days without cigarettes. There are many therapy treatments out there for smokers including patches and gum but we’re readily aware that the nicotine addiction often overpowers the will to quit.

This is a fundamental reason why e-cigarettes have become so popular. Research from Public Health England found these devices to be 95% Less Harmful than traditional cigarettes.

Making the switch from cigarettes to vaping can seem a daunting task but according to the BBC 2.9 million people vape with around 470,000 are using e-cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking.

Given the high success rate and the drive to get a tobacco-free England within the next 10 years, there is a massive push on e-cigarettes to achieve this.

If you are thinking of quitting with an e-cigarette, then we recommend a starter kit. They come ready built and they're easy to use which will encourage you to stay committed to the device. Throughout October (2018) we are running discounts on two fantastic kits that are ideal for quitting smoking.

The Smok Novo is a renowned piece that is both powerful and dainty.

To use the device, you simply have to inhale on the mouthpiece. This is also a safety feature as the pod cannot be fired up if something is pressing against it which is a risk for those devices powered by a button. The device comes with a multitude of safety features including circuit protection, eight-second cut-off and low voltage protection. These are ideal attributes for those unfamiliar with e-cigarettes.

Despite the mini size, the Smok Novo pod can hold 2ml of e-liquid, how long these lasts will vary depending on how much you vape. It comes with a powerful 450 mAH battery which gives a nice throat hit, satisfying your cravings.

Not only is the Smok Novo Pod a great piece of kit it’s also stylish in design as it comes with a cobra print.

This starter kit is ideal for those looking to make a stress-free transition to vaping. Do note that the pods will need to be replaced every 3-4 weeks.


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