The vaping industry is once again being endorsed as e-cigarette and e-liquid companies can now claim that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) are allowing e-cigarette and e-liquid companies to state that they are a ‘healthier alternative’ if they have evidence to support their claim.

This comes after multiple government bodies and MPs publicly supported the devices. It was only last week that the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) ruled that Vape Shops contribute to health on the high-street. Their research found Vape Shops to be a leading source that encouraged smokers to make the transition to vaping.

In August MPs were lobbying the government to relax the laws around vaping as they found e-cigarette devices were key to Brits quitting smoking. MPs also reported that e-cigarettes will help achieve the goal of a tobacco-free England in the next ten years.

This is a huge advancement for the e-cigarette industry who previously haven’t been able to advertise vaping as a healthier alternative. The inability to say vaping is a healthy substitute has led to a lot of negative views from the public, including those who smoke.

Research from the IBTVA found that to this day only 17% of the public and 25% of smokers believe e-cigarettes are healthier than traditional cigarettes. These figures are incredibly low considering that earlier this year, Public Health England stated that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

Being able to promote e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative, gives the industry a much-needed official endorsement, and the ability to share this claim with customers without the risk of being penalised. In turn, this could lead to more people making the switch.  

The negative stigma surrounding vaping is slowly breaking with 2018 being a monumental year for the industry as more and more research finds them to be a safer substitute for cigarettes. The BBC reported that tens of thousands of Brits each year, use e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

The success rate and support e-cigarettes have ultimately encouraged the ASA to allow e-cigarette and e-liquid companies to promote their products as a healthy alternative.

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