MPs Lobby for Further Relaxed Laws on Vaping

MPs are battling once again to try to change the laws and perspectives of vaping after numerous official bodies such as Public Health England and the NHS, openly supporting e-cigarettes.

A new report entitled Vaping in Workplace and Public Places analyses the impact of the lack of vaping knowledge that is discouraging smokers from transitioning to vaping.

The report looks to challenge the restrictions which closely interlinks cigarette smokers with e-cigarette users. As with smokers, e-cigarette users have to go outside to use their device, rain or shine.

In the report, MPs call for employers and public vendors to separate vaping and smoking policies. It suggested that workplaces could dedicate areas in the building and private offices as vape-friendly.

Despite evidence that suggests vaping is healthier than smoking, there is still a concern by some people that there is not enough evidence to support this claim. However, research has found that second-hand vaper doesn’t carry any health risks.

APPGV chairman Mark Pawsey said: “To me, these policies on vaping are hugely important. How much harder must it be to give up smoking when you have to be around smokers to vape?”

The main concern is that people will be reluctant to quit smoking if the same rule applies and also heighten the negative stigma that this associates the devices with cigarettes.

Pawsey went on to say that the government’s aim of reducing smoking rates by 12% will not be achieved without common-sense policy and practice. Following this, the report suggested that the Houses of Parliament could become the first vape-friendly workspace.

While England is one of the most vape-friendly countries that advocates vaping, e-cigarettes still come with the same laws as traditional cigarettes. For instance, at the discretion of the establishment you’re visiting, you cannot use the devices in bars, restaurants, cinemas, railway stations and airports.

This report could help chip away at the negative opinion the public has on vaping.

What do you think about the new report?

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