Kick It In The Butt Week 2 Update

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Kick It In The Butt Week 2 Update

Kick It In The Butt Week 2 Update

Two weeks officially completed by our Kick It In The Butt ambassadors. It's time to check in with Craig, Rick and Mike to see how they're getting on with the 28 day challenge.

craig ambassador

"I’m at the end of the second week and it's going great. The vape kit and e-liquids are working a treat and I can honestly say I don’t have any cravings. I actually feel great and one of the things I've noticed most is that I am no longer getting out of breath like I used to. After just two weeks and feeling like this, I’m determined to keep going. I’ve also come to realise that the smell of cigarettes is awful, I never really noticed until now how bad it is and to think I used to smell like that is eye-opening. Good luck to everyone else giving up this month too".

rick ambassador

"That’s the second week finished. I’ve started to save the money that I would be spending on cigarettes this week and I’m more than happy with how much I have managed to put aside. I’m really enjoying the different flavours of e-liquid, especially Bubblegum and Crushed Candy. I was offered a cigarette at work on Saturday but turned it down. I’ve started to carry around some spare liquid so that I don’t run out and get tempted to buy some cigarettes. I have been playing around with the e-cig and I like how you can change the strength on it, I turn this up in the morning as this is the time I struggle most without my morning smoke. So far, so good and no cigarettes smoked".  

mike ambassador

"Week 2 has been much easier than I expected! The device is really working well, and I’ve moved on to the strawberry milkshake flavour. Banoffee pie is still my favourite, but a strawberry milkshake is so nice. I feel so much better already than I did when I was smoking, I feel like I can breathe much better. I’m not getting out of breath by running up the stairs and I’ve even started walking again. It’s so nice to finish the walk and not feel the need to sit down and have a cigarette afterwards. My cravings are less, but after a stressful day I still am wanting one, but that will come in time". 

Congrats to all three of our ambassadors, and to all of our followers who has been in touch to share their challenge updates and quitter success stories.

It's never too late to start your own journey, we've created the perfect bundles for you. Including recommended devices great for beginners, 4 x 10ml e-liquids of your choice, a stress ball and quitter diary. You can see our Kick It In The Butt bundles here.


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