Kick It In The Butt Week 1 Update

That’s week one of our 28 day Kick It In The Butt challenge completed for our three ambassadors. It’s time to check in and see how they all got on.

Craig has completed the first week of our 28 day Kick It In The Butt challenge. Speaking very highly of the Smok Pozz quitter bundle and our Heisenberg Nic Salts, Craig hasn't craved a single cigarette and is making some serious progress. He's even convinced his wife to join him on his journey.

craig kick it in the butt ambassador

Impressed with the features of the Smok Pozz kit, Rick has smashed the first week of our 28 day challenge. He even managed to curb those cravings during a trip to the pub on the weekend.

rick kick it in the butt ambassador

Determined to quit, Mike has completed his first week despite cigarette cravings after a difficult shift at work. It looks like he's found a new favourite flavour with Banoffee Pie.

A huge congratulations to our three ambassadors on smashing the first week. We're hoping they can continue this level of success and keep curbing those cravings for the rest of our campaign. Make sure you check in next week for an update on their progress. But before then, why not show them some support on our social channels.

If you feel inspired and want to start your own journey, we've created the perfect bundles for you. Including recommended devices great for beginners, 4 x 10ml e-liquids of your choice, a stress ball and quitter diary. You can see our Kick It In The Butt bundles here.