Kick It In The Butt

Now's the time to #KickItInTheButt. This year, we've selected 3 Vampire Vape ambassadors to take on our 28 day challenge. Our ambassadors have been selected for their individual reasons for wanting to make the switch, with the ambition of quitting for good.

We've supplied our ambassadors with some great Vampire Vape merchandise, their choice of e-liquid flavours and one of our Kick It In The Butt Bundles. These bundles include a device suited to starters, a quitter diary and a stress ball. Everything they need to complete the challenge.

We'll be checking in with our ambassadors on a daily basis offering advice, support and encouragement throughout the campaign. Their progress will be updated weekly on our social platforms so you can also get involved and share your support for the guys.

Meet our ambassadors:

Rick kick it in the butt ambassador
"I am hoping to give up smoking for my family. I have a 5 year old son and I want to be here to watch him grow up. I do not smoke in the house but he often comments on how much I smell of smoke after a cigarette. He looks up to me and I do not want him to follow in my footsteps. I have tried a number of times to quit and cut down but I still end up back to smoking 20 a day. I have never tried vaping before so I think Kick It In The Butt is a brilliant campaign to try and quit for good". 

Craig kick it in the butt ambassador
"Quitting smoking has always been difficult for me. I've tried patches, gum but just find I need something always in my hand and the feeling of smoking. I've tried other e-cigarettes but have never been successful. I've been smoking for many years, I'm now 39 and want to improve my health and also be able to do more as many know shortness of breath is an issue with smoking. I can't wait to get started and succeed"

"The reason why I’m looking to make the switch and quit smoking is not just for myself, it’s for my wife too! I’ve been smoking for over 13 years now and it’s time to stop. I am making the change to make sure that I’m fit and heathy ready for us to become parents one day. I’m more determined more than ever to make this happen and I know I’ll quit."