Most e-cigarette devices contain either an internal or external battery which powers the device, although some do have rechargeable batteries.

E-cigarettes are designed to be used every day, which means they need certain batteries that can cope with the usage and power output required.

It’s essential that you take care of your battery as these can become dangerous if they are damaged.

Below are a few tips on how to take care of your e-cigarette batteries.

Internal Batteries

Internal batteries are e-cigarettes that have a built-in battery that is typically charged via a USB port.

It can be difficult to determine when these batteries are damaged. For instance, if you drop the device, you could cause internal damage that you can’t see which could cause the device to malfunction and become dangerous. We recommend you have a professional look at the device to check for any damages.

You should always store your e-cigarette in a cool, dry place as hot temperatures could affect the functionality of the battery.

For safety reasons, you shouldn’t leave your e-cigarette charging unattended or charging on a combustible surface. Devices can overheat which could be a fire risk on a flammable surface.

The downside to built-in batteries is that if they are damaged the entire device ceases to function, ultimately meaning you must replace the full thing rather than just the batteries.

However, these e-cigarettes are highly useful for vapers that want a simple vape. If you look after the device, it should theoretically last for a number of years.

External Batteries

More advanced kits and mods come with external batteries which can be removed and easily replaced. A common battery is the 18650 which releases a high amount of power which is generally required for more high-functioning devices with customisable features.

Due to this, they can pose a severe risk if they are mishandled and there is a danger of these catching fire, leaking flammable liquid and at the very worst, exploding.

It’s best to regularly check the batteries to ensure there is no wear and tear. If the PVC wrapper is cracked or broken, then you need to dispose of them safely. If the battery itself is punctured, then there is a risk of them leaking flammable gases. To reduce wear and tear you should keep batteries in a cool, dry place and preferably in a battery case.

Do not leave batteries loose in your bag or pocket as they could react with loose items such as keys or coins which could result in the batteries short-circuiting. Plus, they could get bashed or pick up fluff which can disrupt the current and affect the performance of the battery.

Certain e-cigarette devices take lithium-ion batteries which carry an exceptional amount of power but are a risk due to the chemicals contained within. If said batteries short circuit, then the current continues to flow which produces heat and damages the insulation. If the batteries get too hot, then they can vet flammable liquid and are at risk of exploding.

Do note such occurrences are infrequent and typically happen to those who fail to store batteries safely.

Mods have also been developed with built-in safety features, including overcharge protections that prevent the battery from accepting any more charge if it senses too much voltage by fusing the battery.

Looking After your Battery

Battery care is essential for protecting yourself and the device also. Here is how you can keep your batteries safe.

  • Turn the device off when not in use to prevent the device from accidentally firing in your pocket or bag.
  • Don’t mix your battery brands as these may have different discharge power.
  • Use chargers that match the device brand as these will provide the power the device needs to be charged safely.
  • Don’t charge your battery overnight as the device could malfunction.
  • Store batteries in a case and keep them in a cool, dry place.
  • Buy batteries from a reputable source that carry the correct CE mark.
  • Regularly clean batteries with a cotton bud to remove any dust or fluff.
  • Replace batteries every one to two years.

Taking care of your batteries is essential given the output of power that e-cigarettes release. Keeping them safe not only keeps you out of harm’s way but it prolongs the life of your device and given the price of some devices you’ll want it to last a long time.