The holiday season is fast approaching, and we want you to be safe while on your travels! Travelling with an e-cigarette isn’t as straightforward as it would seem. Vaping in places where it’s banned can land you in trouble, the last thing you want while you’re on holiday.

It’s easy to get confused by foreign rules, regulations and customs whether that being during your journey or at your destination. To help you out we’ve put together a short guide on what you might need and how to stay safe, from departure to arrival.

Vape Travel Checklist

Here are a few things to take away with you when travelling with your e-cigarette.

E-cigarettes at the Airport

Most UK airports have banned vaping in the terminals, however, some do have dedicated areas for vaping. This could be in the cigarette smoking area, although some airports like Heathrow do have a specific vaping area.

Before jet setting off, we recommend you review the airport policies on smoking and what amenities are available.

Getting through Security

All e-cigarette devices must go through security, and they should not be left in hold luggage as they could fire by accident, overheat and cause an actual fire.

The majority of airlines will let you take your e-cigarette on the plane as long as it is stored safely. It’s crucial that you keep your e-cigarette or batteries, whichever you require, charged to prove if necessary that your device fully works if questioned.

When carrying e-liquid through security, you do need to be careful. The same rules apply to e-liquid as it does to any other liquid in your carry-on case or bag.  

As long as your e-liquid is no more than 100ml, in a single bottle, and can fit into a clear plastic bag, you will be able to enjoy your juice abroad.

Do note, you can put as much e-liquid as you like in your bag provided it is in the hold.

Plane Rules

Whilst onboard make sure your device and the batteries are stored correctly, it’s best to place batteries in a strong battery case for extra safety. You cannot use the e-cigarettes onboard a plane as this is strictly prohibited and can drop you in serious trouble. 

To avoid having your vaping gear confiscated, ensure that you stick to the laws which surround bringing your e-cigarette on a plane and always check your airline’s policy before you fly.

Safe Packing

Treat yourself to a vape case to keep all your e-liquid secure and not caked all over your clean holiday clothes.

Always make sure the caps on your e-liquid are tightly secured and avoid cheap plastic bottles which can easily break.

On Arrival

Certain countries do have laws and restrictions on vaping. Some countries have vetoed vaping altogether, whereas others have certain areas in which you can’t vape. Breaking these rules could result in a huge fine!

Before leaving, check the countries stance on e-cigarettes and upon arrival, talk with airport staff or rep at your hotel or even with locals in the surrounding area as to whether vaping is permitted in your location.

Below is a list of countries in which restrictions are placed on e-cigarettes:























United Arab Emirates




It’s worth noting that places like Mexico City, New York, San Francisco and Lithuania do have restrictions on e-cigarette devices. In certain places, e-cigarette use is prohibited whilst the likes of San Francisco have banned flavoured e-liquid altogether. It’s essential that you check regulations on what you can and cannot take. Failing to do so could result in fines or being detained by officials.