Vampire Vape have worked tirelessly over the past year on its new eRoma® technology.

This fantastic innovation works both on Android and IOS devices and was rolled out with their latest updates. There is no need for any other app installations just rub the designated ‘scratch & sniff’ spots on our emails or website, place close to your nose and inhale. You will then be instantly hit with the tantalising aromas of what flavours the e-liquid has to offer.

This technology is set to revolutionise the vaping world as everyone now has the ability to try new flavours right in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of our customer reviews:

“This functionality is amazing, was the easiest way to find my new ADV, Vamp Toes.” – Jess (Nottingham)

“Pinkman is my e-liquid of choice but I have been looking for something more with an Ice hit, eRoma® helped me find what I was looking for in no time at all” – Adam (Glasgow)

“I don’t know how I lived without this this before, I am very fussy when choosing a new flavour.” - Sarah (Cornwall)

The changes to our website to integrate this technology will be rolled over the next few weeks so you don’t have long to wait to Ewake Your Senses.

April Fools ... That was a bit of a stinker, right?

On a serious note, we do have a new flavour coming out soon so keep your eyes peeled.