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How Vaping Helped ‘Me’ Quit Smoking

5 months ago 3012 Views No comments

How vaping helped me, the stories from our customers to you! Vaping has been dubbed by the NHS as an aid for helping people who are trying to give up smoking. In light of this we've asked a few customers just how much it has helped. Here is what they have to say.

Vaping vs Smoking: 10 Facts You Need to Know Before Converting

5 months ago 3593 Views 2 comments

The war on cigarettes has been going on for decades with very little advancement until the e-cigarette came along. It’s become an effective aid in helping light and heavy smokers kick the habit. So much so that last August MPs began calling on the government to relax the laws around vaping in public places. Despite this, there is still a nervousness when it comes to measuring e-cigarettes against cigarettes. According to PHE nearly half of the population don’t realise e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

After researching the reservations many have, we sought expert advice that will answer your questions.

Vaping Victory: MPs Call for more Relaxed Rules on E-Cigarettes

7 months ago 3665 Views 1 comment

MPs announced today that they want more relaxed rules on e-cigarettes following a report from the science and technology committee. The report found that e-cigarettes are the key to reducing the smoking of conventional cigarettes.