General News & Updates

Vaping news is being updated every single day from all over the world. We will bring you the most important news stories in the vaping industry. Keep checking in to stay up to date with general news & updates from the world of vaping.

The industry is growing very quickly, especially as vaping becomes a useful tool to help people quit smoking. We will gather all the relevant information to help you along on your vaping journey. Everyone’s vaping experience is different, it is important to find a kit that suits your lifestyle. We collate updates and news from some of the biggest brands to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you’re going on holiday and need to know the vaping restrictions, or you want to keep up to date with new UK vaping laws, we will collect the most important information so you don’t have to! General news & updates from the industry will be updated regularly. Don't forget, you can check the archives or search a keyword if you've missed a post.

What is Vapril?

Vapril is an annual vaping awareness event that takes place in April. It was designed to help reach out to UK smokers and vapers to offer specialist advice and build a community for anyone who has already stopped smoking or is looking to quit.

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How To Spot a Fake Geek Bar

Geek Bar have recently been in touch with trading standards in an attempt to crack down on counterfeit goods making their way to UK stores. Find out how you can ensure that you are buying legitimate vape products and where you can report fake goods.

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National Cocktail Day 2022

Discover a range of Vampire Vape cocktail flavoured e-liquids so you can celebrate in style this National Cocktail Day!

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Vampire Vape’s Brand New Fizzy Drink Range

In March 2022, we added four new soda-inspired flavours to our 10ml e-liquid range. 

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A History of Vaping

Discover the beginnings of vaping and how your e-cigarette device has evolved over the past 100 years. 

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ASH and CRUK Reviews Stop Smoking Support

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) have just completed their eighth annual national survey of local government stop smoking support.

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What is the New Zealand Tobacco Ban?

Read all about the recent New Zealand smoking ban and what it means for the future of smokers and vapers. This plan will ensure a smoke-free future for New Zealand. 

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Lithuania Ban Flavoured Vape

The Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament) has passed a law recently that will prohibit the production and sales of flavoured e-liquid as of July 1st 2022.

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The Future for Cigarettes

Read more about the future for cigarettes and how the number of smokers is slowly declining as vaping becomes a useful tool to quit the cigs. 

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The History of Vaping

Read more about when vaping began and how vaping has evolved to become one of the best smoking cessation tools available to helping people quit smoking. 

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