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Take Care of Your Coils

4 months ago 434 Views No comments

Fed up of your atomizers not lasting as long as you would expect? Experienced the awful burnt taste when you vape? Or unsure where to begin with your new coils? We are here to advise on the best feasible way to take care of your coils and stop them from being the bane of your life.

Taking care of your coils doesn’t guarantee that they last forever, and they will need to be changed regularly however there are steps to take which will help you prolong their life. No one wants to be vaping a burnt wick as this can eventually ruin your entire coil head, costing you more money than is needed. And if your wondering exactly how a burnt wick tastes, you sure will know if it was to ever happen! Yuck!

Cancer Research UK’s Answers Big Vaping Questions

8 months ago 445 Views No comments

At Vampire Vape, we get hundreds of questions from people that are looking to get there first E-Cigarette to set them off on their journey to a new, healthier lifestyle but often, people are hesitant to make the switch, especially for those who don’t like change.

Today, we’re going to look at Cancer Research UK’s answers to some of the most frequent questions about Vaping asked and answer the questions that you are wondering about.

The Vampire Vape Blog – New For 2017

2 years ago 1169 Views 5 comments

Welcome to the brand new Vampire Vape Blog! This is a new feature for 2017, it will allow you to keep up with what's going on with the Vampire Vape Team, about things happening here at the VV HQ, current vaping world news and some posts that are here to just make you laugh!