1. World No Tobacco Day

    World No Tobacco Day
    What is World No Tobacco Day? World No Tobacco Day is an annual event which is held each year on 31st May to raise awareness of the harmful effect’s tobacco can have on the body. Each year the World Health Organization (WHO) chooses a certain relevant theme to discourage tobacco use. In 2019 the WHO focused on tobacco and lung...
  2. BBC HealthCheck UK: Vaping is safer than smoking

    BBC HealthCheck UK: Vaping is safer than smoking
    A recent documentary from the BBC has tested how safe vaping is compared to smoking cigarettes. Dr Zand van Tulleken and Michelle Ackerley have taken on the task of finding out how harmful smoking really is, and if vaping is a viable alternative. In the documentary we met a 31-year-old bartender called Ace Langley who smoked 60 cigarettes per day...
  3. World Europe Day

    World Europe Day
    9th May 2020 What is world Europe Day? This bank holiday weekend marks the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration. In 1950 the first steps were taken to create the European Union, celebrating peaceful cooperation across the continent. Each year thousands of people organize events, concerts and exhibitions promoting the work of the European institutions to celebrate unity across the globe...
  4. World Asthma Day | Improving Your Health

    World Asthma Day | Improving Your Health
    5th May 2020 World Asthma Day is annual event which was first celebrated in 1998 to bring awareness to the lifelong condition. On the first Tuesday in May events are held annually to raise money for the cause and for the adults and children who suffer from the disease. With the current COVID-19 pandemic it is more important than ever...
  5. Coronavirus: Make the switch and save lives

    Coronavirus: Make the switch and save lives
    Important figures According to Public Health England’s most recent figures, 129,044 people have tested positive to Coronavirus (see most up to date figures here). Over 18,000 tests are being carried out by the NHS each day and over 500,000  tests have been conducted in total. The government has initiated lockdown and more than 90% of people are following the given guidelines - but can we do more...

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