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Many advanced vaping kits and mods use rechargeable batteries to power the devices, allowing them to give you a customised and satisfying vape.

At Vampire Vape, we stock a selection of batteries, designed to power advanced mods and kits. The external batteries are suitable for all devices on our site, enabling you to purchase everything you need to complete your kit.

Our rechargeable collection features well-known brands, including Nightcore, EXOCELL and Efest, who are reputable providers for powerful e-cigarette batteries.

They’re designed to be installed and removed with ease, making it a stress-free experience, while also making it easier to clean and maintain the device. Such batteries need to be charged externally, even if a device states you can charge via a USB port, we always recommended using a compatible charging station or external charger.

Batteries are an essential item, having to replace these continually can be expensive; however, with rechargeable ones, you will save yourself a small fortune. They are a cost-effective option that will always ensure your device is ready for vaping, provided you’ve charged the batteries!

Looking After your Battery

Batteries with such power do need to be cared for as misused batteries can pose as a risk. Here are a few safety tips to note if you are choosing to use a device that requires external batteries.

  • Always keep batteries in a case and not loose in your bag or pocket.
  • Do not over-discharge your battery (keep an eye on how much battery you have left)
  • Always use a charger that is compatible with the batteries.
  • You should never leave batteries charging overnight or unattended.
  • If the PVC wrap is broken, do not use them.
  • Do not expose to extreme heat.

For further information, see our blog on How to Take Care of Your E-cigarette Battery.