Award Winning E-Liquid
Award Winning E-Liquid


Our Heisenberg Flavour is one of the most renowned flavours in the industry created by the company founders and winning 5 esteemed awards!

Heisenberg offers vapers a superior flavour experience, it is informally known as The Daddy of All Day Vapes! The top-secret recipe is a sensational infusion of flavours with subtle fruity undertones and cooling menthol hit.

This is the ideal vape for both new and veteran vapers which is replicated throughout our products as Heisenberg comes in various PG/VG ratios ranging from 40VG/60PG to 80VG/20PG and even features in our flavour concentrate range.

- Best Mint / Menthol 2016 – Vapouround

- Best High PG Juice 2017 – Vapouround

- Best Mint / Menthol 2017 – Euro Vape

- Best Mint / Menthol 2018 – Vapouround

- Best Mint E-Liquid 2019 – VapExpo

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The original Pinkman is one of Vampire Vapes bestsellers and renowned in the industry for its intense combo of fruit flavours. Our signature flavour was revolutionised with an ice-cold menthol element in our exclusive Vlads VG range. The brilliant addition heightened the flurry of fruits, giving a long-lasting and hard-hitting flavour. Pinkman on Ice is a refreshing juice that has become a firm favourite in its own right!

- Best Mint / Menthol 2017 - Vapouround

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Sweet Lemon Pie is one of our most acclaimed flavours winning the Best Dessert in 2019 at the famous Vapouround Awards. Sweet Lemon Pie achieved this prestigious award after just one month on the market!

Sweet Lemon Pie is a divine flavour that delights the senses with a syrupy lemon essence that delicate lies on a buttery biscuit base. These baked flavours echo around your palate, leaving a sensational flavour that lasts long after every exhale.

- Best Dessert 2019 - Vapouround

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Watermelon Mojito is an exotic libation that became a winning success at the Steam Show Mexico Expo in 2019. This is the first of our unique Shortz collect to win the award, having only been released earlier in the year, Watermelon Mojito brought back the Best Drink award – a whopping 5400 miles away from home!

Watermelon Mojito is a high VG shortfill that oozes out ripe fruit flavours that entwine brilliantly with a fresh mint snippet, that encapsulates the fruit, heightening the sweet tastes and allowing them to remain beautifully on the palate.

- Best Drink 2019 - Steam Show Mexico

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Sweet Tobacco received the coveted Best Tobacco TPD at the 2018 Vape Jam Awards.
As one of the earliest Tobacco flavours created it, captured a huge audience of palates across the industry. Its traditional flavours with just a hint of sweetness gives a familiar and smooth textured vape.

Smooth Western V2 is a staple tobacco tasting e-liquid featuring rich tobacco flavours with a creamy undertone. The intense flavours mimic that of a cigar and issue with every inhale a robust taste hits the palate leaving a strong and long-lasting tobacco flavour behind.

- Best Tobacco TPD 2018 - Vape Jam UK

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Black Ice is a classic Vampire Vape twist that was awarded Best Menthol at the E-cig Click Awards in 2019. The nomination and ultimate success came from public votes with Vampire Vape running against many notable brands before ultimately winning Best Menthol.

This menthol treasure transforms the retro Black Jack flavour, enhancing the sweet aniseed flavours and delivering a more intense and flavoursome hit with each inhale.

- Best Menthol - E-cig Click Awards 2019

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here's just a few of our awards

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Flavour Warehouse, the parent company of Vampire Vape, has been awarded with many prestigious Awards since it was founded in 2012. Most recently recognised at the Red Rose Awards at their esteemed event in Blackpool winning International Achievement Award, and the Medium Business Award. Previously in 2018 Flavour Warehouse was recognised as The Manufacturer of the Year and Exporter of the Year at the BIBA’s as well as being awarded the Manufacturing, Innovation & Technology Excellence Award and the Growth Business Award at the 2018 Hive Awards.

Managing Director, Philip Boyle takes great pride in these achievements having said “It’s with great honour that we received these awards, especially as Flavour Warehouse was founded only seven years ago in Lancashire. It’s a fantastic tribute to our hard work and that of our employees.”

Philip and Nathan founded the company with ambition to manufacture the most trusted e-liquid in the market. This ethos is embedded in everything that Vampire Vape do which is why all ingredients are documented and tested so that only the highest quality e-liquid leaves the warehouse.

“It’s our goal to become the most trusted e-liquid manufacturer that continues to support people who are looking for a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes. Producing our products in the UK enables Flavour Warehouse to confidently say that we produce the purest e-liquid with every ingredient tested and documented.” – Manging Director, Philip Boyle

- International Achievement Award 2019 – Red Rose Awards

- Medium Business Award 2019 – Red Rose Awards

- Manufacturer of the Year 2018 – BIBA’s

- Exporter of the Year 2018 – BIBA’s

- Manufacturing, Innovation & Technology Excellence Award 2018 – Hive Awards

- Growth Business Award 2018 – Hive Awards


Our team are notorious Expo attendees that travel all over the world, meeting vendors and customers alike and often showcasing new and exciting flavours.

The expos are exciting events for us, and we go all out to wow our attendees, often presenting our juice on large prominent stands that stylishly sit within these events. Our unique builds, colours and designs have led to multiple global awards.

We’re exceptionally proud of these awards and are equally humbled by the response from both the event promoters to attendees.

- Best Stand - Expo Vape - Madrid 2016

- Best Stand - Vaper Expo - Birmingham 2018

- Best Stand - VapExpo - Madrid 2019

- Best Stand - Vape Israel - Israel 2019

- Best Stand - Vap Expro - Bulgaria 2019

Amazing Vaping Stand
Amazing Vaping Stand
Amazing Vaping Stand
Award Winning E-Liquid